TGMS Weekly Update

August 24, 2020

Message from Mrs. Jackson

Parents be on the "look out" for a Virtual Google Meet invitation with your child's teacher this week. The Back-to-School Virtual Google meet will take place on either Aug. 26 or Aug. 27 depending on your child's homeroom teacher/team.

Teachers posted videos to introduce themselves on the PLSD website earlier this week - take a look under the TGMS Back-to-School Welcome/Introductory videos to view the video from your child's teacher.

Remember to view our TGMS Videos series under our Back-to-School information on the website.

TGMS Virtual Tour on TGMS Facebook Page

When: August 27th from 5:00PM to 5:30PM

Where: Toll Gate Middle School Facebook Page

What: Please join us on the TGMS Facebook page as our administrators will be going live and providing a virtual tour of the building and also be answering your questions in the chat section.

Counselor's Corner a message from Mrs. Saksa

Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner! Every month, the middle school counselors will share a bulletin board with the following information: monthly topic, virtual lesson, and family resources.

Click here to see August’s bulletin board:

Chromebook pick-up

Chromebooks will be available for pick up at TGMS from Monday, August 24th to Friday, August 28th from 8:30AM to 3:00PM. In addition, you can pick up your Chromebook on Thursday, August 27th from 4:00PM to 5:00PM. When arriving at TGMS please pull up to the front of the building and call the office at (614) 834-6400. Tell office personnel the student's name you are picking up for and a staff member will then deliver the Chromebook and power cord to you at the front door.

A message from the Technology Team

Here are 2 helpful resources for Parents:

1. Repair Hours:

  • Monday, August 24th - 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. & 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.

  • Tuesday, August 25th - 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. & 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.

After August 31st, the Technology Team will hold repair days every Wednesday throughout the school year from 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. & 1:00 - 3:30 p.m at the District Office (90 N East Street).

2. Parent form for resetting a student’s password at home:

Breakfast form

New this year for your convenience students may pre-order breakfast the day before using the link below:

COVID-19 Procedures

The following procedures have been adopted by the Middle Schools for your review:

Pickerington Middle Schools

COVID Procedures

2020 - 2021

Bus arrival/Drop off:

● At bus arrival, students will be dismissed from 3-4 buses at a time (or as buses arrive) and directed to visually marked paths for entry by staff to ensure social distancing.

● Students must wear their masks on the bus, during arrival, and while entering the building.

Entering the building:

From buses:

● All students will enter through building entries closest to their pods. Students will be expected to follow the one way hall system and enter their homeroom.

From Vehicles:

● Students may not exit vehicles until directed to do so by a staff member, which will begin daily at 8:30.

Students will have their masks on as they exit their vehicle and must be worn in the building.

● Students will be dismissed from their cars and into the building 6-8 cars at a time as designated by cones or other visual indicators.

● Students will wait in their vehicles until directed to enter the building by a staff member.

● Students will enter the building and walk directly to class using the one way hall system and visual indicators to ensure social distancing

Walkers/Bike Riders:

● Walkers and bike riders will not be granted entry to the building until 8:30.

● Walkers and bike riders will have designated, and socially distanced waiting areas and a separate entry from those arriving in vehicles

● Walkers and bike riders will be directed from their visually indicated, socially distanced waiting area by a staff member.

● Students will enter the building and walk directly to class using the one way hall system and visual indicators to ensure social distancing.


● Students will record whether or not they want breakfast the day before coming to school on a Google form locate here:

● Breakfast will be delivered to the homerooms prior to school starting.


● Students will have limited (or no) use of lockers/cubbies as directed by building administration.

● Social distancing will be observed, and students will not have opportunity to congregate in the locker/cubby area at any time.

● Students may not leave any items in lockers/cubbies overnight to allow for proper cleaning.

● Students will never share a locker/cubby or other storage space with other students.

● Students will store and carry their bookbags throughout the day. Bookbags will remain in the room as students transition to recess and lunch.


● When entering or exiting the classroom, students will use hand sanitizer.

● Desks will be socially distanced as best as possible and will face the same direction in the room.

● Personal flexible seating or furniture that cannot be easily and frequently sanitized will be removed from the classroom.

● Extra desks and furniture will be removed from the classroom to allow for extra social distancing.

● Personal supplies should not be shared. Classroom materials (I.E. - whiteboards, pencil sharpeners, manipulatives) should be disinfected after each use.


● Each pod will have a one way hall system that will be indicated by arrows. Students and staff will be expected to follow the one way path around the hallway.


● There will be no class restroom breaks.

● There will be no more than 4 students in the restroom at a given time.

● Students who are waiting to go into the restroom must socially distance in the hallway.

● All student restrooms will be closed every two hours for approximately 20 minutes to allow for proper cleaning.

Quarantine room:

● Each school will have a designated quarantine room separate from the main clinic.

● Staff will not send sick students to the office without first contacting clinic staff. An office staff member will come down to escort the student to the quarantine room.

● If a student has a fever of 100 degrees or higher and or shows other COVID-19 symptoms, they will be sent to the quarantine room until a parent/guardian arrives. School nurses will be tasked to evaluate students and staff members in the quarantine room. Individuals are required to stay in the quarantine room until someone can pick them up.

● When a nurse is attending the quarantine room, office staff will assume responsibility for normal clinic routines.


● Students will enter the lunch room along walls leading to the lunch line. Follow social distancing guidelines when purchasing food items.

● X marks the spot! Students will sit on one side of the bench on a marked spot.

● When entering and exiting the cafeteria hand sanitizer must be used.


● All homerooms will go to recess first and then they will go to lunch.

● All teams will exit the building through the recess pod doors. During this transition, students are required to wear a mask. Masks should be worn until students get to their chosen activity. If the game/activity can be done while practicing social distancing, then the mask can be removed. If not then a mask will be required to be worn for that game/activity.

● During recess, there will be stations that students can choose to play certain games or activities.

● Each team will have a set of playground equipment that will be used only for their team recess. Teams will not be sharing playground equipment.

○ The gaga ball pits will be closed. The pits are not conducive to social distancing.

Basketball: no more than 5 students to half court. Students can only play pig/horse, knock out, and or shoot around. No basketball games are allowed to be played.

○ No tag or flag football.

Four/Nine square: no more than 5 students to a nine square game and four to a four square game. Four students playing and two waiting their turn. While waiting for their turn students should social distance.

Swings: Every other swing will be closed to allow for social distancing. Open swings will alternate between recess periods to allow for cleaning.

Jungle Gym Area: Students must follow social distancing guidelines (6ft) when playing in the jungle gym.

○ Students are allowed to walk around or sit at the tables. If students are keeping with social distancing guidelines, they are able to have a mask break. If students are sitting closer together or walking alongside each other, they will be required to wear their mask.

● If the games do not allow for social distancing, students will be required to wear a mask. If a game or an activity allows itself to social distance properly, students may take a mask break as needed.

No extra recess during lunch/recess periods - We are limiting the amount of students that are in places, even on the playground. We can take mask breaks (brain breaks) and or teach mini lessons outside when the weather is nice. We will still have to maintain social distancing (6 feet) even during these breaks


● District policy requires all individuals to wear a mask inside the building.

● Mask breaks can be provided to students outside of the building while ensuring social distancing guidelines are being followed.

● There will be a designated and monitored space indoors for students who need mask breaks due to special circumstances.

● It is the teachers discretion (if social distancing guidelines can be followed) if mask breaks will be given inside their classroom. Again, if social distancing guidelines can not be followed then masks are required.

Media Center:

● Students will be able to check out books in the media center.

● Returned books will be placed temporarily out of circulation for proper quarantine/cleaning. (Public Library Standards - minimum of 72 hours). The same applies to classroom libraries.

● Media center equipment will be cleaned between uses and only small groups of students will be allowed in the media center at one time.


● Students will follow all guidelines for wearing masks and social distancing as in other parts of the building.


● Buses will be dismissed 3-4 at a time to limit large crowds of students and ensure social distancing. Students will be dismissed by bus number.

● Students must wear their mask leaving the building, entering and riding the bus.