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It's holiday season once again, and you all know what that means. That wonderful time of year when guys scramble at the last minute to find gifts for the women in their lives. "What fits? Which one would she really like? PLEASE tell me I won't have to linger at the mall...! Wait, there's a game on right now??"

Let me help you make the RIGHT choice for every girl in your life! Stella & Dot Jewelry & Accessories offers something for every age, style and budget. Featured in fashion magazines and on celebrities, you're certain to find something she'll LOVE!

Stress Free, One Stop Shopping...Here's How

It's easy...either shop from my website at, or message me via phone or email and let me help you make the right choices. Jewelry, scarves and wallets...from $19 to $198, your gift list can literally cover girls from 2 to 92!

All items come in an adorable gift box and ship to you in a matter of days.

FREE SHIPPING if you place your order between now and Thursday, December 6th!

Vaughn Maxson

Senior Stylist
Stella & Dot