My way to help people in proverty!


First things first

My way of helping the poor is by bettering there education! EDUCATION is very important in life, with out education how would people know how to read or write. How about count or even learn there ABC! Well here's the thing some people don't know how!

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My plans

I plan to earn and save money by working hard and once i get all the money needed i will go all around the world and help all the children and adults going through proverty better there education!

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What I plan to acheive!!!

i want to help people in need be intelligent human beings so they can start a new and better life for themselves and they can go through life not haveing to worry about weather they are going to have something to eat or finding a place to sleep for the night.

The meaning

Education- The process of receiving instructions at a school or university

Proverty- The state of being exstremley poor

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There are many more ways to help end world proverty some people can help by educating some can help by saving money and building new homes some people can help by curing sicknesses it will never end but never forget that one person can make a diffrence!

Jobs, Clean Water and Education: The World Bank's Fund for the Poorest