Counselor Corner

April 2019

School Doesn't Slow Down in the Spring

Although we only have 5 weeks of school left, there is an abundance of happenings right up until the last day! Wonder why you (both students and parents!) are so tired? These are just a few reasons: Rumble, prom, Butler sign up, senior zoo trip and honors program, AP testing, Razzle, Spring Fling, graduation, finals and the plethora of spring sports and activities.

During this time of the year we see students getting run down and burned out. It is very tempting to stay up late since the weather is nice and it stays light later, but sleep is extremely important right now. Don't feel like you have time to sleep? Try taking a serious look at your time management. In 5 weeks you can watch Netflix, catch up on your social media, and have more time to relax. Keep working hard in classes, sustain your momentum, and don't give up. We see many success stories from students who pushed to the end. See staff members in the building if you need help putting together a plan!

Seniors Migrate Data From School Email Accounts!

This link gives seniors information about transferring their files from school accounts to personal accounts. Once school is out for the summer the Technology Department suspends their accounts. Another step closer to graduation!

Jaguar Staff to Student Scholarship

Throughout the year staff members have paid money monthly with the goal of raising money for senior scholarships. If staff paid money, they were able to wear jeans and college or career shirts on Wednesdays. Several students turned in applications, and the committee will be looking at those soon. Students will be awarded this spring at one of the assemblies.

Summer School

Although we hope you do not have to utilize credit recovery options, we always offer them. There are 2 ways to make up credits in the summer. First, we offer English and math here at ACHS during the month of June in the morning. Second, there is an online option, which is also in June, through our partner Orion. Specific information regarding summer school will be available in a couple of weeks, and the counselors will send out information to the students.

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