Jacob's Rescue a Holocaust story

Haley Morin

Main characters

The main characters are Jacob Gutgeld, Alex and Mela Roslan. Jacob is a Jewish boy who lived with his aunt and grandmother. In attempt to save Jacob, his aunt Hannah sent him to the Roslans, a poleish family willing to hide Jacob. Alex is nice man, who is selfless and put his family in danger to save Jacob and his brothers. Mela is Alex's wife, she is willing to help but is scared that the Gestapo will find out about Jacob.The Roslans take in Jacob and his brothers with open arms and treat them like their own.

Plot of the story

This story takes place in 1942 during World War II.It tells the story of an amazing Poleish family that sacraficed everything to save kids that couldn't save themselves. A very wealthy Jewish family, the Gutgelds loose everything they have and are moved to a ghetto run by the SS. Jacod Gutgeld lived with his grandmother ,his aunt Hannah, and his two little brothers David and Sholom. Jacod moved out of the ghetto and the Roslans took him in, putting their own family in danger. Alex and Mela have to protect Jacob so they chanege his name to Genyek and make him a hiding place under the kitchen sink. Eventually the Roslans move to a bigger house, so they can take in one of Jacob's brothers, Sholom. Then eventually they take in the youngest brother David. The story is about how honorable the Roslan family is to save lives, and at the same time putting theirs in danger.

Connections to the Roslans and Righteous Amoung Nations Award

Connection 1: They took Jacob out of the ghetto and brought him into their home all while putting their family in danger. If the Nazis found out they would kill or torture the Roslans along with Jacob.

Connection 2: The Roslans do what they can to get Jacob healthy, keep him hidden and protect him, then they got more room so they adopted Sholom. A lot of people were suspicious there was a Jew in the Roslans house. They were afraid people would find out about Jacob so the family was put in danger, ecspecially when the officers came because they heard there was a Jew in their house.

Connection 3: The family does everything they can to save the boys and keep/get them healthy. Then after Sholom dies they take in David. They burried Sholom the right way, gave him a proper burrial. They moved just to keep Jacob safe, they sold their house to get money for Jacob's operation.

Connection 4: The Gestapo breaks into the Roslans house in search to find Jacob, so Mela does everything she can to convince them there are no Jews, they never found Jacob. The family sneaks out of Warsaw to bing the kids to safety, where there was no war. Alex gets checked by a doctor just to prove that he's not Jewish, to keep his family safe. They try to locate the Gutgeld family in Berlin.They find their father and move in with him the Roslans want to move with the boys, but know they had to let them leave, The Roslans tried to stay in contact with the boys. But most of all they treated them like they were their own.

Meaningful quotes

Quote 1: "It's not safe for Jewish men here."-It shows how scary it was that you weren't even safe at your own home.

Quote 2: "Don't worry about us. It's only when you're unsure that you make mistakes."-I chose this because it shows how if you show fear people are going to start to get suspicious.

Quote 3: "We know the Nazis are about to deport everyone. We have no hope of winning. We will have to fight, and some of us will have to die."-This shows how this was the Jews last hope. They really didn't want the Germans to win and to be able to perform a genacide- destruction of a full nation.

Quote 4: "Whoever saves a single life is as one who has. Saved the entire world."- This shows how important and honorable Alex and Mela are.


Audio Recording on Monday evening by Haleymorin