Self Esteem

Being different is good!

Different is good and unique because...

Being different is good because you get to be unique and set in your ways. You don't look like everybody else, whilst they are all looking a like, you get to stand out because you wear different clothes or you do different things to what they do...

Ways in which you can be different...

You can be different in many ways, such as:

- Changing what you look like

- Your hair cut

- What you wear

- What bag you take to school

- What school shoes you have

- What you act like.

- Expressing your personality and many more...

So try to be different and be yourself from the inside out!

Frequently asked questions...

What if your not sure if you want to be different?

- Well, that's totally up to you on weather your confident about being unique and different.

How do you keep being unique?

- You don't you just keep being yourself.