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August 27, 2023

Thanks for a great start for the 2023 – 2024 school year! Please find several important Potomac Senior High School updates below:

+ ATTENDANCE UPDATE: After a full week of familiarizing students with their classrooms and schedule, we will be reinforcing timely transitions between classes to maximize classtime. Beginning this week, we will regularly schedule unannounced “Tardy Sweeps” which will result in immediate consequences for students who are not in their classes on-time. Please take time this week to discuss the expectation for your student to be in their class on-time and note both the academic and disciplinary consequences of being late.


  • Did you know that Canvas, Office 365, and login/password supports are available to access 24/7 on the school website? Please use THIS link to be redirected to several resources available online to provide students and parents with self-service options to resolve common issues and frequently asked questions. If you’re not doing so, we recommend checking the Potomac HS website daily!
  • The StudentVUE app is a fantastic tool for students to access class schedules, grades, and more right from their phone! If your student has not yet downloaded the app, please visit our Potomac StudentVUE Access webpage HERE for easy-to-follow steps for access. Contact your Grade-Level Secretary for more ParentVUE or StudentVUE information.
  • REMINDER! Students/Parents are also able to review bus information by logging into StudentVUE or ParentVUE. Simply select “Student Info” on the lefthand menu and scroll down to “AM (or PM) Transportation Type” for the Bus #, Bus Stop Location, and Times. Download the “HERE COMES THE BUS” App HERE so you can track your bus in real time and receive push notifications regarding the status of your bus.
  • Families will be responsible for any damage, including accidental damage, that occurs to student laptops this year and insurance coverage can help provide peace of mind. Please visit the Securranty website by clicking HERE for more information about this insurance policy and to purchase the insurance directly.
  • Potomac Parents are encouraged to create a Canvas Observer account to follow along with class assignments and announcements throughout the year. Please see THIS link to a previous Potomac Parent Townhall with valuable steps and information for parent Canvas use.

+ CELL PHONES: To limit distractions in the classroom and reinforce our schoolwide focus on learning, students will have limited access to their cell phones throughout the school day.

- Students will have access to their cell phones on the bus before/after school, during class changes, and during lunch while in the cafeteria.

- Students will not have access to their cell phones during instructional time either in the classroom or in the hallways.

Students can retrieve their cell phone after school for the 1st offense; however, a parent/guardian will be required to pick up the student cell phone and the student will receive a disciplinary consequence for additional offenses.

+ SCHOOL COUNSELING: We are excited to continue to provide a full-time College and Career Counselor along with 7 full-time School Counselors to reduce caseloads and assist with ensuring every student receives the personalized attention needed to support their success! Please see the updated School Counselor breakdown below:


Kim Bryson: A - Bl

Elizabeth Vohar: Bm - Ea

Jasmine Herbstritt: Eb - Hern

Mia Morrison: Hero - Mal

Mark Williams: Mam - Peg

Brandon Carter: Peh - Smi

Olivia Kang: Smj - Z

Shallene Austin: College & Career Counselor

+ PICK-UP/DROP-OFF: Parents, for the safety of all involved, please remember that all students should be dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon in the underclassman parking lot only. After turning in at the marquee, take the fourth right, into the underclassmen lot, and then an immediate right to drop off at the sidewalk leading up the steps toward the school. After you drop your student off, drive straight ahead to the top of the hill and make a left turn to exit school grounds. Please yield to the students in the cross walk and do not drop your students off at the cross walk. Thank you for helping to increase safety, limit back-ups, and model safe driving for our students.

+ CAMPUS POLICY: To promote safety and security for all of our students and staff, Potomac Senior High School is a closed campus. Students are not allowed to order deliveries to the school and also not allowed to leave school grounds during the school day for lunch or any other reason without parent consent and signing out in the Main Office. Students who have left school grounds during the school day will receive disciplinary consequences and will not have access to afterschool buses.

+ SCHOOL PICTURE DAY: 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade students will have school pictures taken on 9/5 and 9/6 during English classes. Parents, it's not too late to order your underclassmen picture package! Please visit the Lifetouch website linked HERE to order your student’s picture package using Picture Day ID: EVT8T3XHG.

For questions regarding school pictures please contact Mrs. Katie Satchell (SatcheKM@pwcs.edu) at 703.441.4200.

+ DRILLS: This week we will hold a Fire Drill and a Lockdown Drill to norm our processes and procedures in case of an emergency. Please note that both of these exercises are only drills. In case of a true emergency, parents will receive clear and direct email/text messages indicating “emergency messaging” with status updates and further information.

+ GET INVOLVED: Do you have ideas for student events? Want to provide feedback or ask questions about school activities or current instructional practices? Want regular updates on class events like Homecoming, Prom, Graduation, etc.? Please join our Potomac PTSO by using the QR code to the right or THIS link to pay yearly membership of $20/family or $10/faculty member and visit our 1st PTSO meeting on Thursday, September 21st at 7pm in the Library.

+ SCHEDULE: This month’s projected class schedule is as follows:
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  • September 1 & September 4: Labor Day Holiday (NO SCHOOL)
  • September 21: PTSO Meeting (Potomac Library)

For more information on school news, upcoming events, and activities, please visit the Potomac HS website HERE.

Thank you for your continued support of Potomac Senior High School!

Brandon Boles, Principal