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So glad to have you...

My name is Ashley Hammill and I am your upline Lead Stylist. I have been a Stylist for just over 1.5 years and it's been fantastic!

If you ever want to personally connect for some tips or coaching, please don't hesitate to contact me!

My email is ashleyhammill@gmail.com

My cell is 647.823.4434

Please read below for tips on starting your business successfully!

1. Order your samples within 7 days as signing up as well as anything else you might want at 50% off. You have 50% off for your first 30 days. You may find this guide to be helpful when making your selections.


2. Book, book, book! You want to book as many shows as you can during your first 60 days (also known as your JumpStart). WHY??? FREE JEWELRY (not to mention all the commission you will earn - making it easy to pay off your investment AND make money AND earn more jewelry to round out your display!) What is JumpStart? Keep reading below to find out more!

3. Book your DOUBLE DIP show! Twice a calendar year, you can host your OWN show and collect the hostess rewards too! So in addition to your first 4 shows that you book with friends and family, book your own show and invite anyone that isn't hosting to your show! Remember, you need to invite 40+ in order to get 10-15 attending!

4. Attend Monthly Open Team Meetings - normally held the first week of every month and there are MANY to choose from. Check out all of your options here http://stylewatch.stelladot.com/events/

5. Attend a New Stylist Training (in person or via conference call). These are announced in our Facebook group so please be sure to add me as a friend to keep in the loop!

6. Attend a Training Bootcamp - these are held quarterly by home office and stay tuned for details on the next one!

Everything you need to know before your first show!!

A few FAQ's....

How can I tell if anything is out of stock?

Visit the Home page of the Stylist Lounge and halfway down the page you will see a section that has the Product Alert List on it - you can view and print it off for your show!

How do I know what the specials are for the month?

Visit the Home page of the Stylist Lounge and halfway down the page you will see a section that says "November Tools (or whatever month we are in!) You can view and print it off for your show! I put the monthly specials in a clear frame for all to see.

How much is shipping on a trunk show order?

Shipping is $7.95 per order to ship directly to the guest or $5.95 per order to ship to hostess

What do I need to bring to my first show?

Bring a pack of look books with your information labeled onto the front of each one (name, email address, phone number). Your look book is your calling card! Don't be afraid to give them out as it will generate future orders and bookings (plus you will earn business supply credits to replace those look books!)

How do I book trunk shows?

By asking! Check out the Monthly Words to Say in S&D University for some inspiration! Be sure to view the Group Hello videos in S&D University as well as those that do a group hello always book more and sponsor more than those who don't!

What is our jewelry made of?

All of our jewelry is lead and nickel free. We use 14kt gold on our plated pieces and sterling silver in our delicate pieces. Check out the answers to those questions and more here: http://www.stelladot.com/design-studio/faqs

What is JumpStart anyways?

Sign into the Stylist Lounge and watch this great video from our CEO, Jessica Herrin which explains all about this exciting program!

Jumpstart to Success

Take advantage of the Jumpstart program to earn added rewards during your first 60 days and get your business off to a great start.

How much commission and FREE product will you earn? It’s up to you when you Book, Sell, and Sponsor—that’s what we call our Circle of Success. Write down your specific goals and keep track of your success. And don’t forget to dream big! Look back at your Envision Your Life Worksheet and your goals to remind yourself of your “why.” Anything is possible when you work hard, stay positive, and believe in yourself.

What to do next:

Start by reviewing the Jumpstart Rewards Overview and theJumpstart FAQs. Then talk to your Sponsor about setting yourJumpstart Goals and you’ll be on your way!

Summer Splash Incentive!

Check out the Home Page in the Lounge for details.
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