Censorship of Tobacco Use

By Nick Z and Tyler S

The Defintion of Censorship on Tobacco Use

Is censorship by coorporations the sanctioning of speech by spokespersons, employees, and business associates by threat of monetary loss, loss of employment, or loss of access to the marketplace for tobacco advertisement.

Influence On Children

If children are around smoking, it can infuence them to start smoking, Because they think it looks cool. It can also ifluence them on t.v when their at home watching cartoons and one of the characters are smoking. The kids are obviously going to want to try it some point in their life.

Video of winston cigerettes

Winston - Taste Good Like A Cigarette Should!

Reason why it shouldnt be censored.

The cigarette companies think that the people that watch the comercieals is their job to tell their kids that it is bad and is a type of drug that can kill you in the long run

Our Opinion.

We feel that tobacco product advertised on television is highly inappropriate for all kids under the age of 18 years old,and shouldnt be made to were the kids would think it is fun or cool because they are going to want to do it when they get older.