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Tillamook High School (THS) was host to four other unified basketball teams on the weekend of Feb. 1st. The high school is in its second year of being a Unified Champion School with Special Olympics. Through Unified Sports, teammates are challenged to improve their skills and gain a better understanding of other athlete’s abilities. Equity and unity are the focus. “The tournament Saturday was an extremely rewarding and special experience for me. The goal of the tournament was to promote social inclusion through participation in athletic events. I felt that we did that exactly on Saturday,” said Kellen Shelley, who co-organized and coached the First Unified Basketball Tournament at Tillamook High School on Saturday Feb. 1.

This event was entirely put on by THS seniors Delainy Lea and Kellen Shelley and we couldn’t be prouder of their work! The tournament hosted four other teams. Newport High School sent two teams, and Amity and Neah-Kah-Nie sent one team each. Teams played four six-minute quarters then had a break and played a new team. The team with the most wins was Newport Team 1 who went home with medals. Congratulations to all who participated!

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Caring at East

East has been focusing in classrooms and as a whole school on Kindness, Empathy, and Respect this last month. Each area of Caring was highlighted and practiced for a week at a time, recognizing that this is always a work in progress for all of us.

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Vibra-Bots at East

Our 6th grade students have been working on the design cycle of planning, designing, building, and evaluating a purposeful “Vibra-Bot” to meet science standards. Some worked as planned, many had plans change, all learned some good lessons about basic research and design. Well-done sixth graders.

Spreading Kindness at the Jr High

February is “Act in Kindness” Month in memory of Wendy and Shelby Mizee. All month kids will be discussing empathy, lifting others up, and doing random acts of kindness for our community. One example is Kim Norberg’s Discovery class. They are working in teams to create fleece lap blankets for our Senior friends in local nursing homes. We also have multiple Discovery groups gathering supplies for pets at the Tillamook Animal Shelter.

First Graders go to the "Big City"

First graders at Liberty had a wonderful time at the Oregon Children’s Theater production of “Dragons Love Tacos” on February 6th and 7th. Many students have never visited the Newmark Theater in Portland, or had the opportunity to attend a live stage production. Students returned from this literary and artistic learning experience excited and ready to share their favorite parts of the day with anyone who would listen. Providing learning opportunities away from school (aka field trips) is part of the instructional program offered here at Liberty. A huge thank you to our Parent Teacher Committee (PTC) for providing financial support to ensure that opportunities such as this one continue to happen for our students.

SMART Readers at South Prairie

Reading matters. It’s an early gateway skill that paves the pathway for future success. Research proves that shared book reading and the availability of books in the home during a child’s first, formative years are the strongest predictors of early literacy skills. SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) provides both!

Each week, over 30 students at South Prairie partner with local volunteers to read during lunch time. Students grow relationships with their readers and get to enjoy new and exciting books. Each month, they take home books to grow their home libraries. Interested in joining the fun? Contact Principal Karen Thenell at (503) 842-8401 for more information!

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Charity Drive at THS

Charity Drive kicked off this month with a trip to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital for our Princes, Princesses, and Charity Drive Chairs. It was an eye-opening experience that further solidified the importance of the 10-day fundraiser full of activities and events for the community to participate in daily. Tillamook High School staff put a team together for Donkey Basketball as part of this year's Charity Drive. This was a unique experience that put their donkey-wrangling skills to the test. Staff was able to pull off a win against the Sheriff’s Department, but later lost in the final round against the junior class.

Act in Kindness 2020

From a jar filled with kindness challenges to giving a flower to someone you appreciate, Tillamook High School’s Act in Kindness 2020 was a week filled with many activities that brought the school together on a more personal level. McKeon Moser and Devin McDaniel were recognized this year as the kindest students at THS. Special thanks to the Mizee and Kastner families for starting and promoting this tradition from year to year.

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Jewelry Making at Trask

Each year in the garden, Trask River students grow all kinds of beans, corn and peas that we enjoy as fresh vegetables. We also save some of the seeds to grow a second crop (called, the “F-1” or First-Generation Seed) to plant in the following year. Some of these seeds are quite beautiful. In the Bean Necklace project, students use some of the F-1 Seeds that have been thoroughly dried and have small holes drilled in them, to make beautiful jewelry. The seeds are strung together using a black, heavy-gage carpet thread in a manner that is pleasingly unique to each designer. It is fun to see all the different combinations our youth come up with. They use “barrel clasps” on the ends as fasteners because of their sturdiness. These necklaces are useful in several ways. They are beautiful for wearing, they can be given as nifty gifts, and if an individual was stuck in the woods on a cold winter’s night, the beads would make a mighty tasty snack! The Bean Necklace project was great for a rainy, windy, cold winter day in the garden at Trask River High School.

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Each year Tillamook School District receives a grant from the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps. This grant funds service work throughout our community. The work is performed by students at Wilson River School with the leadership of Brandon Affolter and guidance of Shiras Stamps-White. In addition to working in the community for organizations such as Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Tillamook County Parks, and the National Forest Service, the students are working on expanding the garden at Wilson River School. Of course weather doesn’t always cooperate with outside work, but if appropriate the kids suit up and head out. When not able to get out, the students are working on small projects in the auditorium as well as career readiness activities in the classroom. Keep up the great work Wilson River!
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Please know that there might be slight changes to the 2021-2022 calendar, but they would be minimal. We hope this helps in your planning ahead!

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