3 major religions Middle East


A believer or follower of Christianity is called a christian.Their religion is a monotheism or one God.

Key Beliefs/Central Teachings

Their key beliefs or central teachings is that Jesus is the son of God.They also believe that Jesus is the Messiah and he will return again.

Book,God,Prophets,and Place of Worship

Christians holy book is the Christian Bible or Holy Bible.There prophets are the 12 disciples.The place they worship is a Church.

Worship Leader,Holidays,Holy Cities/Places,and Holy Days

A christian holiday is Christmas . Christmas celibates the birth of Jesus on December 25th. The Christians Holy day or Sabbath is on every Sunday. On this day they go to church. At church their worship leader is a pastor or preacher.The pastor or preacher leaded the service that day.A holy city or place for Christianity is Jerusalem because that's where Jesus was crucified.


The three major religions of the Middle East all have figures and view of Gods in common.The figure they all have in common is Abraham. The view on their God is the same because they all believe in a monotheism.This means they only worship one God.

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