animal abuse

JOSE serrano


They kill lion and targ and mokey and they put in the cage and so there are little pat of animal and they make colse the fur waie .they kill they because in the zoos they kill then .bad and they make fur and the peolpe that kill the animals. it there folt they kill then because .they wite mony for kill the animal in the zoos and foura and the duitu.

The way they put the animals in the cage

They put the animals in the Cagt and they kill the animals they cut there head off and in the zoos they kill so someone take the Posen get in the Cagt and kill the animals some time its a boy or girl that kill the animals is bad the people's that kill them it bad to kill the animals people sold some animals and kill then to get more money because by killing the animals it is bad wan you see then did in the Gond they treat the amimals it feel side about them