Grade 3 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Friday 25th September

Virtue of the Week

Next week our virtue is Excellence.

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Language Arts

In spelling this week we have been learning how adding a suffix changes the meaning of a word.

Next week, we will be looking at compound words. These are two or three words whole words that join together to make one. Eg Tooth +brush= Toothbrush.

In Grammar this week, we learnt about sentence construction and next week we will looking at how to paragraph a piece of writing.

This week in our Language Arts, we have been looking at newspaper articles and writing our own reports.

When 3KHa were looking at current news, they became interested in the Scottish Independence Referendum. They decided to become reporters for the session and interviewed our Scottish teachers, Mr and Mrs MacGregor about their views.

3CMu have enjoyed planning and writing a report about a topic of their choice. From events in the playground, to aliens invading the school, to factual reports about Leicester City beating Manchester United 5-3 (you couldn't make it up!) the children have enjoyed thinking creatively and reporting on exciting topics.

In Language Arts next week, we will be developing our report-writing skills by looking at how writers craft reports, specifically how description is used for precision. We will be adding more detail to our reports, using exciting vocabulary and 'reporter-style' language.

IPC Unit of Work

This week in our IPC Unit of Work, 'Active Planet', the children in each grade have created a technical model of a volcanoe from clay with scientific labels. The learning task for the week was, Geography 2.9: Be able to use secondary sources to obtain geographical information. We spent time digging deeper into secondary resources and learning more about volcanoes. They used books, maps, diagrams and various internet searches to expand their understanding of how volcanoes are formed and specific details about world famous volcanoes. We have used this research to answer a variety of geographical questions. We are now enjoying presenting our knowledge through posters, leaflets, power points and models. We particularly enjoyed building a small volcano out of clay and labelling it.

Next week, we will be looking at communicating our geographical knowledge and understanding to ask and answer questions about geographical and environmental features about a place that we would really like to visit.

3CMu researching for their volcano posters:

We hope you like the 'explosive' art work from 3TCo


We have been working on applying our knowledge of division and multiplication to solve word problems as well as reinforcing our 6,7,8 and 9 times tables. Next week, Grade 3 will continue to develop their understanding of multiplication and division. They will all learn how to multiply and divide a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number. A great way to stay ahead and be prepared for next week's lessons, is to be practicing all the multiplication table facts.

We continue to enjoy our mental maths challenge with many children in the grade who are already on the Silver level.


For spelling, the children have been be learning about how a suffix changes the meaning of a word.

Next week, the children will look at compound words. A compound word are two or three whole words that join to make one. eg. Tooth=brush= toothbrush.

Children will need to produce ten 'super' sentences in their spelling homework book using these words.

The Maths Homework will be allocated by the class teacher.


Maths model workshop Tues 30th 7.45-8.15 am.

We warmly welcome you to our celebration of learning- in our own classrooms from 8.20-9.00 on Tuesday 30th.

The children's Chinese lesson will change to 9.20am for that morning.

Book week is happening next week with a fun filled week ahead.

Please send your child in with a book to swap- ready for the swap to take place on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Tuesday they will be read to by a mystery reader and a visiting author.

Wed and Thurs will be an opportunity to swap their books and on Friday there will be a parade where children come dressed as a book character from the theme, Magic, Mystery and Mayhem.

Our trip to the Science centre is on Tuesday 7th October. We are still needing reply slips and payment please if you have not done so already.

The Team

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