Missouri Times

April 15, 1876


3 boys went missing a few days ago by the names of Huck Finn, Joe Harper, and Tom Sawyer. The authorities assumed, because of a missing raft, that the boys had taken the raft out and had gone over to another town. But on Wednesday night the raft was found lodged against the Missouri shore about 5 or 6 miles below the village of St. Petersburg. It is now believed that the boys have drowned in mid channel, and that the search for the dead bodies was a fruitless effort. With or without the bodies a funeral will be held on Sunday. God rest their souls.

Get to know Mark Twain

Question 1: Mr. Twain, in your new book, i enjoyed your allusion to Robin Hood when the boys were playing games on the island. Why did you choose that particular allusion?

Answer: Robin Hood has always a favorite character of mine. I based my character Tom Sawyer on Robin Hood because I loved him so much as a kid, and it matched Tom's adventure seeking personality.

Question 2: What inspired you to write your new book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

Answer: Many of the characters in my book are based on friends and neighbors I grew up with in Hannibal. I lived along the Mississippi and loved watching the steamboats chug by, and wanted to become a captain of one someday. That's why Tom Sawyer was inspired to become a steamboat captain early in the book.

Question 3: Mr. Twain, in your new book you are making fun of religion in a way. Why?

Answer: One main purpose for this book was to make fun of a children's story. It talked about boys who portrayed themselves as hardworking, studied hard, didn't play hooky with school, attended church willingly, etc. Most kids were not like that at all. They didn't like going to church and learning their verses in Sunday school. The priest would drawl on like a bulletin board. Church was not something kids wanted to do on Sunday.

There you have it folks, three must know questions about Mark Twain's new book.

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Mark Twain's neighborhood

By Ingrid Frayer