Ursa Major

Emma. H, Nicholas D.S , Bethany. B ( Period 4)


Callisto was a huntress, she was one of Diana's warriors. Carrying in her hand is a light javelin and a bow. Jupiter saw her and liked her, he took the shape of Diana and went up to Callisto. She started telling him about her hunting expeditions, then he raped her. She tried to resist but she couldn't, Jupiter returned to upper air. Ovid said something that made Juno jealous. Callisto became pregnant and then gave birth to a son. Then out of jealousy the wife of Jupiter transformed Callisto into a bear, she lived in the wild. One day Arcas, her son, found her and was about to kill her. Jupiter took mercy on Callisto, then turned Arcas into a lesser bear. Then the king of the gods placed both of them into the heavens as neighboring constellations.

General Information

  • Ursa Major is a bear
  • It is visible all year round in the Northern Hemisphere
  • It is best seen in April
  • Ursa Major is called the great bear
  • Made of some of the brightest stars
  • Ursa Major is one of the 48 constellations listed in the 2nd century
  • Several bright galaxies can be found in the Ursa Major, including the pair Messier 81
  • Messier 81 is one of the brightest galaxies