True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

By: Abhinay, Ryosuke, Bryce, Joel, Hannah and Claire


Our predictions after reading chapters 1-8 in for the novel.
Charlotte Doyle Predictions



The theme of "The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle" is "it is the inside that counts."
We think that this is the theme because many people are judged differently than their true character. Captain Jaggery was thought to be a "gentleman" by Charlotte Doyle but was actually a vicious murderer(pg.44)--(pg.85 and 88). Charlotte Doyle was a lady-like 13-year-old but turned into a manly sailor(pg.21)--(pg.122). Also, the crew members thought that Mr.Keetch was a loyal crew member but was actually Captain Jaggery's friend(pg.182)--(pg.187).

External and Internal Coflict

External(man vs. man and man vs. nature):

Some external conflict in the story was...

  • When Captain Jaggery killed Cranick with the musket (p 85).
  • When Charlotte whipped Captain Jaggery's face (p.94).
  • When Zachariah was being whipped by Mr. Hollybrass (p.92-93).

Internal(man vs. self):

Some internal conflict in the story was...

  • When Charlotte didn't know what to do with the knife Zachariah gave her (p.23).
  • When Captain Jaggery asked Charlotte where she got the knife, she didn't know what to say (p.47).
  • When Charlotte is put on trial she has to decide if she wants to be judged by the crew or live behind her father's name (p.161).


Charlotte Doyle is just a 13-year old, when she boards the "Seahawk."(pg.1) She assumes that Captain Jaggery is a "gentleman" and informs him of the round robin. As a result, Jaggery kills Cranick and abuses Zachariah(pg.85-94). Charlotte regrets informing Jaggery and begs the crew to let her join. To prove the crew that she is capable of being a "man", she climbs the mainmast and reaches the royal yard(pg.116 and 117). After becoming "Mister Doyle", she scrapes the hull, takes her turn at the wheel, tarrs the rigging etc. Following this, a major hurricane hits and Jaggery plans to sail right through it. While the crew is keeping the ship safe, Mr.Hollybrass is murdered and Charlotte is accused of being guilty(pg.145). She gets an unfair trial and is sentenced for death. While in the brig, she and Zachariah find out that Jaggery is the killer and make a plan to kill him(pg.177). He eventually dies, so Charlotte and Zachariah become captains. The crew reaches Providence and Charlotte goes home. She finds life at home "awkward", so she joins the crew again and becomes a true sailor(pg.206and 210).
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Book Trailer by Erika Miller

Figurative Language


"My head was light, my heart an anvil.My hands were on fire, the soles of my feet raw(pg.116)."


"It was Mr. Hollybrass, peering at us from behind his shaggy brows like some spy(pg.39)."

"My heart was beating painfully as if I were in some great danger(pg.105)."


"Then, as if tossing him off, the Seahawk leaped, and Captain Jaggery dropped into the roaring foam and passed beneath the ship, not to be seen again(pg.195)."


"Is someone there?...Is someone there(pg.56)?"


"Oh, how my heart swelled with exaltation(pg.118)!"


"I was flying through the air in wild, wide gyrations. The horizon kept shifting, tilting, dropping(pg.117)."


Exposition-Charlotte Doyle is a very ladylike girl who is going from Liverpool, England to Rhode Island to live in her old home. Charlotte is 13 years old.

Captain Jaggery is a charming captain. He is the captain of the Seahawk, and his goal is to get a good report from Charlotte's dad.

Zachariah is a very old man who is nice to Charlotte.

Rising Action-Charlotte is invited for tea with Jaggery and became friends. Zachariah gave Charlotte a Dirk. Jaggery talks to her and tells her to tell him if she saw a round robin.

Climax- Jaggery reveals his true colors to Charlotte Doyle, so she decides to join the crew. During the hurricane that follows, Mr. Hollybrass is murdered and Jaggery claims that Charlotte is guilty. She has an unfair trial and is sentenced.

Falling Action- Charlotte and Zachariah figure out, in the brig, that the murderer was Captain Jaggery. They make a plan to kill him but Mr.Keetch informs Jaggery about the assassination. Jaggery eventually dies by falling off the bowsprit, Charlotte and Zachariah become captains and the crew reaches Providence, Rhode Island.

Resolution(denouement)- Charlotte decided to stay with the crew and become a sailor.