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Compassionate Contemplation

James Finley encourages each of us to continue on the contemplative path:

Through our renewed fidelity to our contemplative practices, we learn to discern and take steps to correct any tendencies to drag around dust-gathering trophies of things past…. Sitting silent and still in meditation, walking with attentive gratitude at sunset, reaching out to cup the beloved’s face in our hands, we find ourselves once again at the never-ending origins of the one unending present moment in which our lives unfold.

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Hi Everyone,

This thinking around the importance of time to contemplate in life - often something dismissed because we find ourselves too busy to engage - can’t be overstated. Never was something so simple and so difficult at the same time.

Numeracy incursions on Monday and Tuesday - Professor Maths, and World of Maths, were well received and really motivating. Thank you to our Numeracy Co-ordinator Peter Scutti for arranging these learning opportunities for our children.

Today’s Carnival was something amazing. Loads of participants, loads of participation, loads of support. It means a lot when a lot of parents, guardians and extended family come along to be a part of days like this. Thank you for your attendance and your support. To Rob, our teacher of P.E. who is so organised and whose expertise in preparing and running carnivals is out there, thank you very, very much.

Night of the Notables next week Monday and Tuesday involving our children in Year Five. the previews have been just remarkable. This is a fine tradition at Holy Rosary, one readily embraced by our children.

Friday’s Performing Arts Assembly run by Mrs Kirwan promises to be a lot of fun. It showcases some of the great things a number of our children have been involved in. Hopefully you can come along!

Have a great weekend,


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Saturday 16 September

  • Sacrament of Eucharist Yr 4, 6pm

Friday 22 September

  • Performing Arts Assembly
  • Pyjama Day and Gold Coin Donation
  • Last day of Term 3
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Year 4 – 6 Enrichment

On Monday, 4th of September, the Enrichment team and some selected students competed in the Write a Book in a Day competition. This is a nationally run competition, which raises funds for the Kid’s Cancer Project. With the help of Ms Berry and Mr. Kinder, they split into 2 groups, each writing a fantastic book, that needed to follow a list of parameters.

Our books ‘The Flood of Change’ and ‘The Magical Headphones’ are here for you to enjoy!

So far, our school’s fundraising page has raised over $4000! If you would like to donate, our fundraising page is open until 30th September.

Sponsor our teams here

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Administration of Medication

The new Executive Directive from Catholic Education Western Australia requires schools to alter the Administration of Medication Request Forms for children being administered medication at school. Please use the form in the link HERE.

Thank you very much.

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Free dress day is pyjama day!

In response to many requests from children, we are changing next Friday's free dress day, to Pyjama Day! Yahoo!

Students are able to wear their comfiest pyjamas to school for the day. Those who would rather not wear their pyjamas to school are able to wear free dress. We ask you to consider your child's choice of footwear, to ensure it is appropriate for playing at lunch and recess. We will be collecting a gold coin donation on the day.

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Merit Award Recipients - Assembly Friday 22nd September

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Performing Arts Awards - Assembly Friday 22nd September

The following students will be receiving a certificate for Music and Drumming.


Olivia M


Zariecka A

Mia B

Lotte D

Arthur D

Zoe F

Olivia M

Ellah Mc

Ashlee N

Isobel O

Miguel P

Sophie R

Bridget S

Jasmine T

Anthony T

Sterling T

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R U OK? Students have been learning how to be legendary listeners in library this week and know the 4 steps for checking if our friends are ok. As term 4 approaches, please ensure all books are replaced or returned next week. Thanks for your support.

Mrs Butson

“Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better.” – Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes

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In keeping with R U OK? Day, the area between the sports shed and sway fun has been set up as a “you can sit with me” area for students to wait for friends or to be invited to play by others. Year 1 and 2 can access the outdoor chess board nearby. This is a high traffic area for staff and students, and all are encouraged to check in with anyone sitting by themselves.

Thanks to everyone for your support of the Vinnies Food Drive. The year 6 Christian Service Group filled the pantry on Friday. The Pastoral Care Group is busy preparing for the Talent Show and Environment Council have planted our new sunflower seeds and tidied up the Veritas Garden. Thanks for all your hard work year 6’s!!

Holly Butson


Fun, fun, busy fun in the canteen with Kristy and Kat, Dom and Courtney!

Online Ordering: https://quickcliq.com.au/

Monday 18 September: M. Tan

Wednesday 20 September: P. Van Reenen, L. Samsa

Friday 22 September: A. Miraudo, M. Maggiore

Wednesday Soup: Moroccan Lentil

Hot Tip for State Government Employees

Did you know most State Government departments offer their employees two, paid days of Community Involvement Leave each year?

These days could be utilised well to help in the school canteen without having to use one of your precious annual leave days! Working in the canteen is also a great way to meet other awesome parents and see the kids smiles at lunch time.

To join the canteen fun (it is not hard or scary) please email admin@hrs.wa.edu.au or text Leanna on 0414 953 958.

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Signing up for the entertainment book not only unlocks savings on your favourite restaurants, fast food faves, holidays, outings and much much more, but 20% of the proceeds of sale also come directly back to the P&F to support Holy Rosary School.

Please use link above to purchase direct through the Holy Rosary fundraiser site, and feel free to share with your friends and extended community!

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Discovery Kids runs the before and after school care at Holy Rosary School.

  • Five days a week during term time
  • Vacation Care during school holidays.
  • Available for children attending Kindy through to Year Six


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Our Lady of the Rosary Parish

Parish Office - 9446 2055

Father Peter Hoang OP - 0412 445 199

Email: doubleview@perthcatholic.org.au

Parish Newsletter

Sacramental Programme 2023

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2023 Term Dates and Student Free Days

Term 3 - Wednesday 19 July - Friday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 9 October - Friday 8 December

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Community News

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Enrolments are now open, and families can enrol online https://www.education.wa.edu.au/vacswim
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