Criminal Justice Systems

2018 International Conference Competition Topic

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Criminal justice systems are composed of law enforcement agencies, court systems, and correctional institutions. These organizations operate together using defined processes and protocols to regulate crime and impose penalties on those who break laws. A one-size fits all system does not exist, as laws and norms are influenced by country, culture, history, and religion. New technology has created both challenges and opportunities for criminal justice systems, especially since we now have a variety of online activities that constitute crime and new means of analyzing evidence are in place. Virtually every new technology is likely to be used against the public at some time in the future

As law enforcement agencies develop new ways of identifying criminals and criminal behavior, where should the line be drawn between public safety and civil liberties? How will automated systems, robocops, and crime-predicting software shape the monitoring or detainment of convicted individuals?

What might future courtrooms look like? Under what circumstances or guidelines should legal software programs and predictive coding be used as part of a criminal justice system?

Check out this article that includes 60 Crimes that may exist in the future!

Warning! Coaches please read and make sure this article meets your school/district 's Acceptable Use Policy!

Note: There is one questionable word that may not be appropriate for younger students.

Learn the 10 Most Important Things about Criminal Justice from this video!


1. What did you learn from this video?

2. What new vocabulary did you learn?

3. For each example presented in the video above, brainstorm a potential issue or challenge for Criminal Justice in the future!

Design a possible Step 3 Solution for your favorite new item about Criminal Justice that you learned from this video!

Examine Criminal Justice Systems Around the World!

Go to this site and examine the 2014 slide show of the top 10 countries "Where Justice Prevails."

Discuss with your Team WHY these countries seem to have better justice systems? What are the qualities you believe should be in every Criminal Justice system?

Check out this Interactive World Map!

On this site you can examine statistics and information about criminal justice systems in a variety of data examples. These statistics may be helpful when infusing research into your Challenges, Solutions, and Action Plans!

Judge for Yourself! How can a positive CHANGE occur in the Criminal Justice System?

After Viewing this video...

1. What are your thoughts and opinions about Peter? Would you have reacted the same way he did?

2. What are the POSITIVE things Peter did?

3. How did Peter change criminal justice for the future?

Criminal Justice Vocabulary!

Vocabulary can help you understand the topic, create well crafted Challenges, and design creative Solutions and Action Plans.

For each Criminal Justice Vocabulary word, find and learn its definition, then complete some of the suggested activities to help you improve your knowledge of the vocabulary!

1. Include a different vocabulary word in your Step One Challenges.

2. Use the vocabulary to create a Criminal Justice word cloud. Try this FREE word cloud generator:

3. Design an original crossword puzzle, word find, or other game using the vocabulary words and challenge your teammates with your puzzles and games!

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Good Luck at the 2018 International Conference!