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How Kind of You!

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Room 116 does kindness. It is something we work on everyday. We love it when someone says "How kind of you!" regarding something we have done. Mrs. McDevitt reads books to us with examples of kindness and she points out when kindness happens to Room 116.

So let's recognize the kindness of the parents of Room 116 just in the last week.

  • How kind of you that Mrs. McDevitt has had a conference with EVERY family in Room 116. She appreciates how you support her, Room 116 and PRS! (You even took to heart that Mrs. McDevitt is an "on time kind of girl" and no one was late or a conference went too long!)
  • How kind you are to quickly fulfill any classroom needs that Room 116 has. Mrs. McDevitt loves it when Room 116 has perfect attendance and the tissues will help keep Room 116 healthy and strong. If you have had lunch with us, you know that spills happen and we effortlessly clean them up. No big deal with our supply of paper towels. Thank you for your generosity and kindness and quickness!
  • We had a great turnout of parents that worked the book fair and a greater percentage of families that supported the book fair with purchases. How kind of you to love literacy!
Note: All of administration reads these newsletters so now they officially know that Room 116 has the best set of parents in the school! Thank you for loving every member of Room 116.

H-A-P-P-Y: The Perfect Poem For Room 116

Happy is a perfect poem for Room 116 (and it gave us practice about Sneaky Y wearing Super Hero E's cape!) A perfect poem calls for creating self portraits with our scissors and construction paper. We took our self portraits and turned them into a wall display. This wall display has resulted in a very good chance of daily hearing someone quietly sing HAPPY during rest time!
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Self Portraits
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Two More Poems

You may have heard the Rainbow Song long before it made it into the poetry journal. We learned it a long time ago but it was perfect for helping us to read our color words. The letter poem was a great transition into our work on handwriting skills. Be sure to enjoy our poetry journal over the weekend and return it on Monday.
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Serious Writers

Room 116 is one of the happiest places on earth but we take our work seriously. Mrs. McDevitt allowed us to spread out in the room on Friday for Writer's Workshop. She trusted us to be responsible authors and illustrators. This video shows how important we take our work in Room 116.
Serious Writers

Interviewing the Leader of the Day

We start each day off with an interview. We learn new phonemic patterns and look for familiar patterns. We count the number of words in a sentence. We search for sight words. We graph our name compared to the leader's using the math terms of same, more than, and less than. We talk about punctuation and capitalization. We talk about letter formations. We notice concepts of print. It is a busy way to start the day.
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Name Ticket Book For Practice at Home Starts Monday

Room 116 is being more intentional with our handwriting practice. We are utilizing our parents as partners beginning on Monday. Look for your child's Name Ticket practice book and a handwriting guide that will be in Monday's blue folder. Remind your child to always start the letters at the top. We will have a short lesson on Monday for the correct way to make the letter o (curving to the left/counter clockwise)... which influences how to make an a,c,d,g, and q.
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Blending Sounds As We Learn To Read

We know letter names of the alphabet. We are learning the sounds that are attached to letters. Which means we are learning to blend the sounds to read words. It is exciting to become a reader.
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Not Only Do We Decode But We Also Comprehend

Mrs. McDevitt knows that decoding and comprehending means you are a reader. You have to have both! So we work hard on understanding how stories work, how to think like an author and how to make connections. As you read with us at home, please ask us to retell what we have read/heard. Be patient. This is a hard skill that takes practice. But nothing is better than practicing by reading a book!
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Three Wonderful Mystery Readers

This Mystery Reader stepped in when dad was unexpectedly called away. Thankful for substitutes! We can't wait for dad to reschedule!
This Mystery Reader proved that a teacher never loses her "teacher reading" voice even after she leaves the classroom. Her clue of watching cartoons was a favorite with Room 116.
This Mystery Reader brought along two books that kept us mesmerized. One was about the first trip to the moon and the second book was perfect for PRS in that it was about having big ideas and not giving up.

Sometimes Every One Wants To Be in the Mystery Reader's Photo

You will immediately feel like a super star if you spend any time with Room 116. Sign up as a Mystery Reader and come join in the fun.
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Learning About Taking Care of the Tiniest of the Sick

A Room 116 mother is also a NICU nurse. She took the time to share with us about taking care of sick babies. She even brought tools that she uses every day so that Room 116 could get an understanding of what she does at the hospital.

We love visitors so if you or another loved one has something to share with Room 116 then please know you are always invited. Mrs. McDevitt imagines you won't meet a bunch of more enthusiastic listeners than what is found in Room 116.

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What Is Happening In Math Instruction

We are focusing on the big idea of counting, recognizing , identifying and writing numbers to 10. We are using vocabulary words of: equal, more than, less than, same, next, before, and how many. We are beginning to create story problems to demonstrate addition and subtraction.

Sight Words Are All Around Us

Check book bags for our red folder to work on our sight words. You will find a red envolope with three color booklets. Practice makes betters so read, read and read some more.

October 10: red, yellow, blue

October 17: and, went

October 24: little, for

October 31: is, look

November 7: it, in,

November 14: reading number words: zero, one, two, three,

November 28: reading number words: four, five, six

December 5: assess red, yellow, blue, and, went, little, for, is, look, it, in plus first nine weeks words

December 12: reading number words: seven , eight, nine, ten

Practice, Practice and Practice Those Sight Words

We practice at school. The children know Mrs. McDevitt's saying of practice makes better. So hopefully you are practicing at home!
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Room 116 has a continually updated wish list on Amazon. Thank you for supporting Room 116.

Fresh Grade Information

Mrs. McDevitt learned during conferences most of the families were viewing Fresh Grade on cell phones. She wants to make sure you understand to click on MORE to get all the information possible from Fresh Grade. Mrs. McDevitt tries to attach a resource to every standard for additional help at home.
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Below is what can be seen when the user clicks MORE. You can see the standard , comments from Mrs. McDevitt and resources.

Contact Mrs. McDevitt if you have questions about Fresh Grade.

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Starting the second nine weeks, Fresh Grade will look slightly different. There will no longer be numerals. Rather, colored dots will be used. A yellow dot replaces a 2. A blue dot replaces a 4.
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Heads Up: Don't Throw Away an Adult Sized Shoebox with a Detachable Lid

In February, each child will need a shoebox that we will decorate in Room 116 as a mailbox. Each child will need an ADULT sized shoe box. The ones with a detachable lid are the best. Those type of boxes are getting harder and harder to find since most shoes now come with a connected lid. This is just a heads up to save an adult sized shoebox with a detachable lid. If you are afraid you will throw away a shoe box before February then go ahead and send it to school. Mrs. McDevitt will save it for you in her attic.

Upcoming dates:

October 25: Spirit Day at Butcher's Block (to go orders only)
November 11: Veteran's Day (no school)
November 14: Spirit Night at Sommer's Place 5:00-8:00 pm
November 15: PTSA meeting 6:00 pm

November 16: Kindergarten field trip to Davis Theatre (wear red PRS field trip t-shirt)

November 21- 25 Thanksgiving Break

Be a Participant in the PTA's Reflections Program

From the PTSA: Learners it is time for Reflections. This years theme is “What is your Story”. Students in preschool through grade 9 may create and submit works of art in six categories: dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and visual arts. Reflections program recognizes students at the Local, Council/Region, State and National PTA levels. At each level, all entries are judged on interpretation of the theme, creativity and artistic merit. Students may enter any or all of the six art categories. Multiple entries within a single arts category is permitted. Each entry must be the original work of one student and created specifically for the Reflections program based on the national theme. Each entry must also conform to the guidelines developed by the National PTA. Please visit the Alabama PTA website http://www.alabamapta.org/reflections for more information and for General Entry Forms and Guidelines 2016 - 2017.

Deadline this year will be November 30th for Pike Road School. Please turn in all entries to the school office.

Reflections Theme 2016 - What Is Your Story
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A Facebook page for Kindergarten parents

There is a facebook page for the parents of Community K. It is a closed group so search "Pike Road School Community K Parents" on FB. It is a way for parents to communicate with one another. This group is for all Kindergarten families.

October's Lunch Menu

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Reminding You of the Expectations for Room 116

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PRS Calendar for 2016-17 School Year

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