Apples New Reveal

The new revealing of the I Phone 6 and I Phone 6 Plus

The new I Phone 6 now bigger faster and better and is now launching in September 19 2014. They said that major media event saw the revealing of two new iPhone’s, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. Also it has been told there will be larger screens and a completely new iPad-style design with an thin body and rounded corners, the two new phones offer faster processors, better cameras, and NFC combination with Apple’s new Apple Pay payment system. Apple’s new Apple Pay payment system is an system that using the phone to make credit card payments at retail stores. The new I Phones will be available in different colors like Gold, Silver, and Space Gray, and the pricing will start at $199, while the iPhone 6 Plus pricing starts at $299.Also there will be the Apple’s upcoming smart watch. It’s called the Apple Watch, rather than the IWatch that many people had been expecting.

At the live stream show on September 9 2014. Tim Cook has been hosting in Cupertino, California. In a half-hour, at the show apple was prompting many to take to Twitter to express their frustrations. Apple provided a live blog for those unable to access the live.After the live show the peoples reaction was fairly good because the attributes that the new I Phone has now is in use for everyday needs like the new Apple Pay System, so it will be useful to the average person who has it. Also Apple had now agreed to buy the company Beats, for $3 billion in May. Tim Cook told an interviewer that he made this decision because he saw talent in Beats’ team and was impressed by its subscription service. Tim Cook also called Beats founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine “creative geniuses” and said they’ve “done a fabulous job with the brand.” Now my opinion on the I Phone 6 and the i phone 6 plus would be 9/10 rating because the new I Phone now comes in handy for everyday needs, for example the apple pay system. I am really looking forward to the apple pay system because now I don’t have to be carrying my card around any more I can just use my phone to make my transactions.Also I am looking forward to the fast processors that come included with the I Phone. Its also a more premium (high class) phone compared to other smart phones like the Samsung S5. So an overall rating on the on the new I Phone is that it is meeting the high standards that people would like and I think that it would be a hit in the Apple company.

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