Future Masterminds

6 Week Update

We are soaring! Please read on.


We are now 6 weeks into our "Transitioning" small group, who is now called "Future Masterminds." This is the second of 3 updates that I will send. With your help, we may see the changes necessary for academic and life success. I will send a final update and closing at the 9-week mark. Our last date together as a group is Wednesday, January 29th.

If your child has not shared, I want to update you on what we have discussed thus far!

Session 4-6 Highlights

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Session #4 - The "Distractors" Lead to Procrastination Station

  • Students shared their SMART Goal and group members discussed whether the SMART Goal included the key components to ensuring the goal would be reached. Goals must me specific/savvy, measurable, active/action oriented, realistic/reasonable, and timely/timed.
  • The group defined distractions and how these people, places, and/or things could stop them from meeting a goal.
  • Students identified their own distractions and discussed strategies on how to decrease and eventually eliminate them! Oh what a conversation!
  • Students connected how distractions can lead to procrastination, which means a goal is not being reached.

  • (HW) – Students were tasked to do the following:
  1. Before studying, tell your family about your study schedule.
  2. Remove "distractors."
  3. Gather all necessary tools to start an assignment.
  4. Set a timer for 25-30 minutes and focus on completing as much work during that time.
  5. Take a 5 minute break while using a timer.
  6. Once break is over, set timer again for 25-30 minutes
  7. Complete or start new assignment.
  8. Reflect on difference between this specific process and what you have done in the past. Did you see a change?

Session #5 - FEAR – Life’s False Images of Reality - You Have the POWER!

  • Students shared what happened once they removed distractions and described how it felt to get something completed. --- Baby steps but we are moving!!!
  • Students learned how by allowing yourself to become distracted and hesitate to get things done, you are feeding your fears.
  • Students were given random words, like "reading, math, ice cream, dancing, and video games" and were asked to share what came to mind when hearing or seeing the word. I even slipped in some of their teacher's names!! Uh oh! What a conversation we had!
  • We discussed how our confidence and our ability should not be questioned and how the power lies within us to push through these mental blocks. How confident is your child?
  • Students were given the first four lines of the infamous poem, "Our Deepest Fear" by Marianne Williamsom and were walked through each line.
  • (HW) - Students were to learn the first four lines of the poem to be recited at the next session.
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Session #6 - FEAR – Life’s False Images of Reality - Part 2

  • Session included an open discussion about examples of times where students persevered.
  • Students were asked to stand before the group and recite the first four lines of the poem. --> Some students exceeded the expectation and pushed out of their shell where as some are still working on this aspect.
  • Students were given the next four lines of the infamous poem, "Our Deepest Fear" by Marianne Williamsom and were walked through each line.
  • (HW) - Students were to learn the next 4 lines of the poem to be recited at the next session. Students will recite the first 8 lines of the poem.
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So far, we have learned a lot! Reinforcing skills at home will help ease transition to change too!

Individual or Additional Counseling Request...

As we wind down, I recognize, some students may need additional attention and I will be happy to meet with you and your child if you believe some additional assistance may be needed. Please complete a referral request http://bit.ly/1RMt74X and I will follow up with those details as we get closer to the end of group.

Questions ?

I am here for any additional support you may need.

Remember, the group is confidential unless a child's safety is in question. Feel free to ask your child about their experience!