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I love you Patrick!!!! - Happy Year and a Half!!!

You and Me - 3 Nights - Fancy Hotel - And Something Special?

WHATT? Too good to be true? OF COURSE!! But for you anything is possible!

SOOO When?

Monday, July 6th, 7am to Thursday, July 9th, 7pm

121 4th Avenue South

Nashville, TN

TENNESSEE?? What's so great about Tennessee??? Good question, well for one it isn't KANSAS (BARF)!! For two....well ;) you will have to wait and see
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So this "Fancy" Hotel??

The Downtown Hilton in Nashville!! Aka fancy-schmancy hotel with big beds and a great location!!
**Hotel not booked yet. This is just the hotel that I chose but was waiting to actually book with you so we could discuss the important matter of we are poor...
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The Something Special??

HA! Well..well...welllllll ;) I don't think I will tell you just yet. Just know that the schedule for the evening of the 8th (Approx. 5pm) is COMPLETELY full!! :)

**If you google or try to find out what this awesome special cool-ness thing is then it WILL NOT happen - I REPEAT WILL NOOOOOOOTT HAPPEN!! (Does not include me telling you because I am super terrible at surprises! ;) )

'cough cough' Now do you understand the "July will get busy really fast" comments?? Jeez Louise! :)