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November/December 2015 CHALKBOARD NEWS

Amanda Moore Color-A-Thon 2015

What an outstanding school and community event! I was so impressed by everyone who braved the rain and cold to come out and make our first ever Color-A-Thon a huge success. We had over 200 registered runners and over 50 volunteers. Fortunately, the rain stopped just before the run began and everyone had a great time. The event couldn't have happened without the sponsorships we received. Please check out the banner on the side of our building (pictured above) and please patronize the businesses who sponsored our run. A huge thanks to the Amanda Moore PTO and our PTO President, Mrs. Ahrens, who chaired the entire event. We won't have a total amount raised for another couple of weeks, but I am sure we did well. I can't wait until next year's event! ~ Mr. Bennett

The New Amanda Moore Daily Message

The Amanda Moore Daily Message is now being broadcast on the internet. A new broadcast will be posted each morning. If you would like to view the broadcast from home, please go to each morning.

Viewing Standards Progress in Parent Portal

Our elementary students are working to gain mastery in essential grade level standards in all subject areas. The student report card, which is given out at the end of each trimester in December, March, and June, will report on student progress in the standards. Parents can also track their student’s progress between report cards electronically via the Parent Portal.

To view your student’s standards progress, simply login to your Parent Portal account and click on the “Standards Grades” tab (shown below). Your student’s current performance level in each standard will be shown next to the name of the standard.

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Click on the name of the standard for a complete description of the standard and the performance scale.
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For more information about standards-based grading, including report card samples, visit the “Elementary Report Cards” page on the Romeo Community Schools website at Of course, if you have questions about your child’s progress in any area, your child’s teacher will be your best resource. Working in partnership together, we can empower our students to excel!

Announcing Student Council

America’s future leaders are sitting in the elementary classrooms today…and one of the best ways to encourage their leadership and academic skills is through a student council. It teaches that everybody truly has the potential to make a difference: at home, at school, in the community and in the greater world society. Student Council is a place where students can become involved in the school, working as a partnership with the principal and teachers for the benefit of the school community. At Amanda Moore, student council consists of a group of third through fifth grade students who want to work together to come up with ideas to make our school better. Student leaders will gain responsibility, experiences working as a team, increased pride in their school and a chance to interact with fellow students in making decisions.

Congratulations to our 2015-16 Amanda Moore Student Council representatives.

Third Grade: Lorna Corba, Estefany Flores, Isibeal Ireland, Julia Lentine, Olivia Luther, Raegan Malburg, Natalie Perzanowski

Fourth Grade: Avery Hackerd, Ashley Hamilton, Emerson LaForge, Porter Rice, Joey Sarver, Joslyn Tait

Fifth Grade: Olivia Enciso, Ally Henson, Amanda Kitchen, Rachel McLeod, Elena Nikolovski

At the first meeting, students created a mission statement and brainstormed goals for the school year.

Student Council Mission: To make our school a better place and see a smile on every face!

Student Council Vision: Work together to improve our school.

Student Council Goals: To make positive change using some of the following initiatives:

  • School services/ School spirit: highlighting positive behavior (fill a bucket), teacher appreciation, playground clean-up, garden club, jump rope for heart, nature center, spirit days, holiday celebrations, March is Reading Month, contests and other special events
  • Community Services: food drive, gift and card giving (holidays, hospitals)

The Amanda Moore Sharing Tree

The Amanda Moore Sharing Tree is back again this year. Our tree will be located in the main lobby and tags will be available on Monday, November 16th. Gifts will be due back to Amanda Moore no later than Friday, December 11th. Remember, our sharing tree directly benefits Amanda Moore families in need.

Summer IXL Winners

Congratulations to our participants in the Summer IXL Math Program. These students went above and beyond and practiced IXL during their summer vacation!

The following students received a pizza party and various prizes for their participation:

Aubrie McDonald (5th), Phinneas Guoin (2nd), Max Elter (2nd), Hannah Palion (2nd), Kendall Lawson (5th), Rocco Carzoli (1st), Michael Elter (4th) and Logan Stark (1st).

The top boy prize winner with over six hours of IXL was Gabe Fallon in Mrs. Glanville’s class, and the top girl prize winner with over nine hours of IXL was Olivia Enciso in Mrs. Rauh’s class. Thank you to all who participated and remember to keep doing IXL at home!

NEW! Paper Retriever Program

In keeping with our Green School initiative, Amanda Moore Elementary now has a paper recycling dumpster on the property, located near the basketball court. It is a FREE community paper recycling program that pays your school for hosting a paper recycling bin, benefiting the environment for all. All proceeds from the collection of paper will benefit Amanda Moore directly. We strongly encourage local residents to assist us in the collection of recyclable paper. We accept newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, office paper, school paper, and mail. Shredded paper must be bagged. NO cardboard or paperboard please!

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Don't forget to VOTE!! This is a renewal and will not increase your taxes. Last month, there were specific details about the RCS Sinking Fund in the Chalkboard News. One key project I neglected to mention which was paid for by our sinking fund was the security of our buzzer system at the front entrance. This system is very important to the safety and security of our students and wouldn't have been possible without our sinking fund.

To learn more about the Romeo Community Schools sinking fund proposal, please check our website by clicking here.

Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser

Monday, Nov. 23rd, 11am-1pm

8669 26 Mile Rd.

Washington, MI

A flyer (produced by BWWs) will be sent home prior to the event. In addition, we will email the flyer via School Messenger. Present the physical or electronic flyer to your server to have 20% of the price of your food donated to Amanda Moore. You can go to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, dinner or a midnight snack and we will still receive 20%!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

November & December Calendars of Events

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