By:Connor Robert


Donatello was born in 1386 in the city of florence,he spent most of his life in florence working for Lorenzo Ghiberti a famous sculpture at the time.there is little known about his education but what we do know is that he dedicated his education to sculpting learning from the famous sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti. Donatello's life was a very simple life but filled with lots of beautiful creations,he built statues of saints for churches and also statues for the outside of government buildings. Donatello created sculptures out of granite that he chiseled down into his elaborate sculptures. Some of his sculptures are Saint George,Saint Mark, and Saint George killing a dragon. Very little was known about donatello's patrons but what we do know is that his father was a wool carder and his mother died shortly after his birth.

About The Winged Boy

The Winged boy was created in 1440 and this is the most Interesting Piece of Donatello because of all the symbols it could be. The first one is an angle because of all its wings and it is painted in gold this shows that even though religion wasn't a part of everyday life anymore they still had it in there culture and it played a fairly large role. Second it could just be a young boy who is using his imagination thinking if he makes many pairs of wings and straps them to himself he would be able to fly.