The App Generation

By Kerry Wilson

Personal Identity

I found it interesting that people who generally try to present themselves in the best light try to do the same on-line as well.
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Reality VS Internet

This new generation sees themselves able to become instantly famous like Justin Beiber simply because they have a camera and Internet access. Young and influential teens may try just about anything to become famous even if the fame surrounding them is associated with negative choices.

Let me share everything with you.

I think there are so many time wasting apps such as the Moodscope that measures, tracks, and shares a person's changing moods. Who cares!!

Go to your room and think about what you have done!

One psychologist shared concerns about young people constantly projecting themselves and it doesn't leave much time for private thoughts and contemplation to figure out how they truly think and feel about themselves. I agree, young kids are thinking they need to spend tons of time texting, messaging, sharing, and posting when do they have time to shut off from technology and just be quiet?

How do I get there? What do you mean I need to ask for a map?

I could relate to the author who found it remarkable that Moll had never experienced being lost while out and about or driving. I remember my son telling me he did not need a map that I insisted on buying for his trip to Illinois. He just rolled his eyes and showed me how he had printed off directions and how his friend had a GPS and they would not need my old fashioned map. SIGH!
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