Digital Etiquette

By: Avrey

Things you must know before you go online

-Don't post inappropriate things

-Make sure that you are looking at appropriate things

What is Digital Etiquette?

Digital etiquette is acting the way you are supposed to act while you are online. It is making sure that you not posting or saying anything inappropriate.

What is important to know about digital etiquette?

When you are using the internet you have to know what is appropriate and inappropriate to say, post, or look at.

What can we do to stop bad digital etiquette?

We can stop posting or commenting rude things. we can make sure we ignore all of those bad things that are online so people will stop posting them. we need to make sure we think before we post!

What are the benifits of digital etiquette?

If you have digital etiquette you wont be embarassded about what you post or comment online. If you have etiquette online chances are you will have etiquette offline too. Etiquette is a very important thing to have. People will enjoy being around you if you have Etiquette.