Official Macao Health Code

The new Tourism Law prohibits smoking inside all hotels in Macao. All guests in all hotels and commercialised resorts will need to wear nicotine-dispensing masks, undergo heat checks and give a special Macao Health Code upon request. All resorts and hotels have strict prohibitions against smoking, as it is considered a dangerous "recreational addiction". The move was made to curb the island's growing smoking rate and has led to several airlines halting air travel to Macau. Other international carriers, however, have not given up on their flights to the small region.

The new law on smoking in Macao was released on Hong Kong day as the region is due to host the world's annual World AIDS conference from Hong Kong this month. The new Macao tobacco control policy is expected to affect many delegates. According to the Ministry of Health of Macao, nearly 30% of Hong Kong residents are ex smokers. The new Macao health code is expected to reduce the spread of the deadly Hong Kong pandemic among Macauans.

The International Federation of Associations of Hospitals and Environmental Health Experts, (IFAE), and the Ministry of Health in Macao held a meeting to discuss the issue of smoking in Macao in order to discuss ways to stop the spread of the deadly virus. During the meeting, the Ministry of Health presented the new MACao health code which states that smoking is strictly prohibited inside all commercial establishments. Smoking is also strictly prohibited at beaches and any other place with beach access. All forms of advertising and sales, including smoking, are strictly prohibited. The code also states that all resorts, hotels, clubs, and other similar institutions that stay in close proximity to the sea are expected to strictly observe the new policy.

On July 14th, the government departments met again to discuss and further develop the macao health code system. The leaders of government departments discussed their plans to improve the implementation of the Macao health code system. The delegates from the different departments also reviewed and discussed the details of the new MACao health code system and discussed the possibility of how the government departments and the MACao Mission could work together in order to strengthen the entire system. The mission stated that they had been working closely with government departments to implement this system and hoped that the governments would continue to work with them.

It is important to note that all commercial establishments in Macao are required to observe the new macao health code. If they do not comply with the new measures, these establishments must immediately inform the Department of Health. In addition to that, the establishments that fail to comply with the novel coronavirus surveillance requirements will soon be required to upgrade their equipment, which includes quilting machines and microchip systems. These upgrades will ensure all establishments adhere to the Macao Ministry of Health’s new pandemic prevention measures.

Many hotels, guest houses, or other establishments were denied admission to the Macao Health Code. These refusal hearings were held for reasons such as unlicensed businessmen being on board, unlicensed medical personnel on board, and the failure to submit records supporting the claim of unlicensed staff onboard. The Macao Health Code has been updated by the Ministry of Health to reflect the new Macao Laws. All establishments that were denied admission previously are now permitted to apply, provided the procedures and conditions are followed.