Welcome to BHS Online Learning

Spring Semester 2017

Welcome to Online Spring Semester

While Brighton is finishing up with first semester, the online program is kicking off second semester.

Although it should be easy for the first semester online students to easily flow into the second semester, it may be more difficult for those of you that had all traditional classes first semester. The good news is the first week usually isn't very intensive. You should be able to jump in at the end of the week, or the weekend and get caught up.

If you did not take an online course 1st semester, but would like to get started right away, Miss Daig will be available in her room after school Tuesday (Jan 24) -Friday (Jan 27) after school.

New to Online Learning and want to learn more about what to expect?

Michigan Virtual School has put together an Online Learning Orientation Tool (OLOT for short). OLOT is available to all students and highlights some important things you should know about online learning.

The learning modules in OLOT Include:

  • Knowing what to expect
  • Technology skills you need
  • Learning skills you need
  • Managing day to day

You can access at OLOT.mivu.org

Getting Started:

All students will log-in to their classes through blackboard at bb.mivu.org

Michigan Virtual emails you the login information for your class when your enrollment is activated (usually the weekend before the stat of the semester). Miss Daig can look up your username at any time.

If you log-in and do not see your course, do not panic. All classes should be available to you on Monday, Jan 23rd.

When you first log-in to your class, take a few minutes to get oriented with the layout. For most classes, the main screen will include the most recent announcements. Along the left there is a menu from which you will access your class information, lessons and check your grades. In your class information section, there is usually a syllabus and a pacing guide. I strongly suggest you print these off. Read your syllabus carefully, it usually contains very important information. Your instructors will assume that you have read it. MVS has put together an orientation video. If you are new to MVS, I suggest you check it out. You can view it at http://media.mivu.org/mivhs/orientation/index.htm. If you would like, we can arrange a time for you to sit down with me and go over your course layout and expectations as well as establish a learning plan for you.

Pacing and Progress

One of the most difficult things about learning online is pacing. Just because you aren’t physically going to class every day, doesn’t mean that you don’t have work to do! Don’t fall into this mindset. You should set aside time in your day to work on your coursework. Most courses will require 4-6 hours a week. I suggest you log-in to each class a minimum of three times a week. Some classes you may find you need to log-in to everyday. Most teachers include a pacing guide under class information and include progress checks in their grade book. These help you keep track of where you should be. If you fall too far behind, it is much more difficult to catch up. If start falling behind, or need help establishing a plan for your work, we can sit down and establish a plan together.

I will monitor your progress and alert your counselor and/or administrator if you fall behind. Students that are below specified benchmarks at designated checkpoints may be required to attend after school academic detention or a monthly Saturday work session.

Progress Checks

Four times a semester, most MVS classes have a progress check. The progress check is the only time that you can see what your grade would be based on where you should be in the class. (You can always see your grade based on the entire semester points)

After each progress check, I will email you (and your parents) a progress report for your class.

This semester's progress checks are:

  • Progress check 1 = February 16
  • Progress check 2 = March 15
  • Progress check 3 = April 18
  • Progress Check 4 = May 15

Important Dates:

  • January 23rd - Classes begin
  • February 8th - Count day
  • February 10th - Last day to drop an online course
  • May 27th - Seniors must have at least 60% to participate in commencement.
  • June 9th - Course Deadline

Your teacher may ask what date you need your final grade by. I do NOT need your final grades early. You have the entire semester to work on your class.

You can download the semester calendar to help you keep track of important dates as well as the week count for pacing purposes.

Policies and Responsibilities

Weekly Check-ins

All online students MUST check in with their mentor teacher every week.

Weekly check-ins are scheduled between Wednesday and Friday each week.

Check-ins through week 6 must be done in person (for students that are local)

Off site students should print off their pacing guide and bring it with them to each check-in.

Miss Daig will provide information about electronic check-ins to non-local students and students that are eligible for electronic check-ins after the count period.

Working Off Site


Per Mr. Vecchioni, ALL STUDENTS must work on site for at least the 1st week of Brighton's second semester (January 31st - Feb 4th)

Miss Daig will provide students with information about working off-site during the presentations on the 1st day.

Schedules and Grades

Your MVS course may not initially appear on your schedule. We will add it as quickly as possible after you have been enrolled in your MVS class. Initially, your mentor is listed as your instructor; however, a few weeks into the school year, the teacher will be replaced with your actual online instructor. Although the course will appear in student connect, you will not see your assignments and grades in the course throughout the semester. You will only see this information in your actual online course.

For the Brighton High School Progress Reports and 3rd Quarter report card, you will not receive a letter grade, unless you are significantly behind, in which case, you may receive an E. Instead of a grade, you will usually receive information about your progress in the comment section.

You will receive a grade in your class based on your final percentage at the end of the semester. The Brighton AP grade weighing does not apply to online courses.

Important Second Semester Senior Policy

To participate in the graduation ceremony, seniors MUST have a grade of at least 60% for the semester by the seniors' last day, May 27th. Seniors may continue to work on their course through the course deadline, June 10th.

Your Mentor Teacher

We have 2 mentor teachers here at BHS. I will mentor the majority of our online students this semester. Mr. Walter iwill be working with students that are onsite during 2nd and 3rd and 6th hours.

Mentor teachers are responsible for monitoring your progress, assisting and supporting you along the way, and ultimately confirming the completion of your coursework and reporting your grade. If you have any questions or problems this semester, talk to, or email your mentor teacher.

Mentor Contact Information:


Classroom: Online Learning Lab – Room A-26

Student Information Form

To help us support you better, Please complete this form https://goo.gl/forms/UBQScMXTqgSrSkvD2

Staying Informed

It is extremely important for online students to regularly check your email regularly. Your teacher and I will use email to communicate important information with you. If you do not usually check your email, you can sign up with remind for updates via texting. Go to remind.com/join/mvsclasses or text @mvsclasses to 81010