Software Center!

The Fairy Godmother of our Windows network

Friendly-Neighborhood Instructional Technician, at your service, with a friendly reminder!

As many of you will already know...

Ever since we upgraded to Windows 7, a few years back, we have begun a process of putting more power into each user's hands, while preserving the utmost reliability and security, and Software Center is front-and-center of that effort by providing a list of pre-approved programs on demand!

If you log in to your computer and discover that you are missing software that you are certain you NEED to be able to work... (e.g. Google Chrome internet browser)...


Sorry... It's just that...

I want to help you to help yourself.

In the past we have had issues crop up from programs installed directly from the internet. We have instituted policies and protocols that usually make it impossible for this to occur. Normally, Windows will ask for an Administrator password for ANY installation (these are standard network security efforts that any respectable business--much less an entity as important as a public school--would employ). Most tragic, when software still manages to be installed incorrectly (I will warn you, YES, Google--the corporation--has built-in a way for Chrome to get around this usual security measure), we have no other choice but to WIPE OUT the hard drive of the machine and start you over, basically, from scratch, which risks you losing some of your data (like work that you have already started but were unable to have backed up somewhere else)!

Want to avoid all that? It's simple!

Follow the instructions below!

There are two really simple ways to find Software Center: