New Years Eve!

December 31

What New Years means to us!!

Celebrating New Years Day is one of the oldest and most-exciting customs around the world.Whether visiting relatives or watching New Years Day parades at home on the TV, welcoming the New Year is always a time of entertainment, celebration and resolution.Since this festival marks the beginning of the year, New Years Day is thought of as a perfect time for a "clean start" or New Years resolutions. People worldwide resolve to act better in the year just beginning than in the year just ended. No day has ever been observed on so many different dates or in so many different ways. All over the world, countries have their own special beliefs about what the New Year means to them.

Some of the World's Strangest New Year Traditions!

From swinging fireballs to gobbling grapes, here are the wackiest ways of welcoming the New Year around the world. *In Sao Paulo La Paz, and other spots, people don brightly colored underpants to ring in the New Year—red if they’re looking for love, and yellow for money.*Philippines, wear polka dots and eat round fruits  to ensure a prosperous new year.*In Panama, effigies of popular celebrities and political figures, called muñecos, are burned on bonfires.*In Denmark they save all of their unused dishes and plates until the 31st of December when they affectionately shatter them against the doors of all their friends and family.*In Ecuador they celebrate the New Year by burning paper filled scarecrows at midnight. They also burn photographs from the last year. All in the name of good fortune.*In Spain, if you can manage to stuff 12 grapes in your mouth at midnight you’ve achieved good luck for the next year. ETC.
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Texas Celebration Events

If you are lucky enough to be in Texas during New Years you might be amazed by some of the spectacular displays around. For example, New Years Eve at Gruene Hall, Walk in the New Year, First Night Austin, Celebrate San Antonio, Cotton Bowl Classic, and Big D NYE,