The Rainforest

in danger

Locations of Rainforests

The locations for the the Rainforests are,

Amazon river basin(South America)

The Congo river basin(Western africa)

And also throughout much of southeast Asia


The rainforest is going through deforestation and that is being caused by people that work in logging companies because they are clearing a massive scale of the rainforests.They cut countless trees a year and they also build roads to reach more and more arts of the rain forests.They way it hurts the envirorment is by when they cut down the trees they also destroy the habitats of other animals.
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Animals in the Rainforests

Climate in The Rainforest

The climate of the Rainforest is very hot and wet.The Average temperature of the Rainforest is about 80 degrees F all year around with no Exception of of cool nights The temperature of the Rainforest has nevr dropped bellow 64 degrees F.It rains about 160-400inches each year.
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two solutions that could help prevent deforestation is not to cut down too many trees and also not to build anything in the rainforest