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Here are a few great books that I would highly recommend. I read Make It Stick just this summer and it was amazing. Each book provides theory and application into the classroom. Memory plays such an important role in overall learning and even basic skills such as reading and math skills. There are also more details pertaining to the differences between memory and learning...as we discussed a few weeks ago, memory does not necessarily equate to learning and learning does not necessarily equate to remembering information. So, these books not only provide valuable theoretical information but also the practical application of how to work on specific types of memory tasks and how to teach lessons and allow for maximal retrieval.

PS: This may be a great Fed Ex Group :)

Math: Mary Kemper

Elementary Math Educator Academy #1 - Number Talks & Number Talks 2.0: I am excited to share an expanded opportunity for educators to attend our Elementary Math Educator Academies this year! In addition to the 2 educators we have funded in the past, there is additional space for 1 SpEd educator per campus, 4 DLI educators district-wide, and 2 PK educators district-wide. Once you have identified the educators to attend from your campus, please have them sign up on Eduphoria using the links below. Please note: it is not appropriate for educators to attend both sessions, Number Talks and Number Talks 2.0, on the same day. The agenda for Number Talks 2.0 includes a reflection on the experiences of implementation of Number Talks in the classroom. Number Talks 2.0 is designed for educators who have implemented Number Talks to any extent in their classrooms and want to learn more.

Date: September 23, half day sessions

Location: PK-2 (Mockingbird Elementary), 3-5 (Austin Elementary)

Pre-K 2nd GR – Number Talks 2.0 – Mockingbird – Morning


Pre-K – 2nd GR – Number Talks – Mockingbird – Afternoon


GR 3-5 – Number Talks 2.0 – Austin – Morning


GR 3-5 – Number Talks – Austin – Afternoon


Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Elementary Math Educators interested in attending should sign up in Eduphoria using the links below. All resources from SC&L will be posted to the CISD Elementary Math website (tinyurl.com/cisdelementarymath) following the training.

Dates that Would Make You Want to Slap Yo Momma

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Flashback Friday

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Curriculum Night Bloopers

Science: Linda Cook

Clarification on science assessments in Forethought and Aware:

The science assessments in Forethought and Aware are provided as an optionalresource for educators unless principals decide to require them. Some principals have requested these, so I am making them available for everyone.

Currently available for grades 3-5:

  • In Forethought: Pre- and Post- unit assessments for every science unit

Coming soon for grades 3-5:

  • In Forethought: open-ended (constructed response) pre- and post-unit assessments for every science unit
  • In Aware: three different post- assessments per grade level, one in each area: life science, earth science, and physical science. These may be taken on iPads and scores will go into Aware.

Ed Foundation

The Coppell Education Foundation awards grant money to CISD teachers each year in the fall. We love surprising teachers with a large check and capturing that look on their face when we arrive. If you have submitted an application in the past, but have not been awarded grant money, we want to help you. Join us for a Professional Development all about GRANT WRITING.

The first training date is September 8 from 4:00-5:30 at Austin Elementary

The second training date is September 10 from 4:15-5:45 at CMS West Library.

The grant submission window opens on September 14 and closes on October 14 at 5:30 PM.

A Focus on Learning

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