TBS MWD #4gr8rchapters Program!

October - Alumni Relations Month!

Why Alumni Relations?!

Keeping your Alumni involved and in-the-know is important! With Homecoming events generally happening in October for most schools, what a better way to welcome your Alumni back to your university than by inviting them to things! Here are some of the ideas your council had to promote Alumni Relations!


  • Make sure your alumni lists are up-to-date

  • Send your Alumni a small newsletter, explaining your plans for the semester/year! Keep them informed!

  • Send them pictures of what events you have done

  • Invite them to your ritual degrees!

  • Ask them for help! Whether that be an extra set of hands for an upcoming Marching Festival, or to donate money or baked goods to the chapter! Alumni like to give back!


Alpha Iota - University of Minnesota

Alumni relations is something that has been almost nonexistent in the past for our chapter, and changing that is one of the goals for this year. Our Historian is working on a major project that consists of creating an entirely new database of our past members back to our founding year in 1952. She hopes to distribute this to current members as well as alumni. The chapter is also brainstorming creative ways to utilize that resource. Other efforts include inviting all alumni to our Minnesota vs Indiana football away game screening party we hosted.

Submitted by Jamie Short, Alpha Iota

Alpha Mu - Wichita State University

Alpha Theta - North Dakota State University

Beta Psi - South Dakota State University

Delta Kappa - Kansas State University

The Delta Kappa Chapter at K-State helped Shana Lander, a KSU Alumnus, set up for her 7th-8th Grade Choir Festival. This event was held at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School in Manhattan, KS. Alumni Relations is something we look forward to cultivating more in the future. Go Cats!

Submitted by Samantha Brown, Delta Kappa

Delta Xi - Missouri University of Science and Technology

The Delta Xi Chapter at Missouri S&T hosted our annual Alumni Chicken Dinner in October. Band Alumni, current Band members and families were invited to join in on eating the 200 pieces of chicken which awaited consumption in the Band Room. This event took place during our Homecoming weekend after the Football Game. The event went very well with plenty of chicken, baked beans, mashed potatoes and Purple drank to spare as leftovers. The event is paid for by chapter fundraising and is provided at no cost to those dinning.

Submitted by John Wernert

Theta Mu - University of Nebraska-Kearney

-First Degree was held earlier in the month, and we are so excited to welcome our new prospective members and to welcome back several alumni who came to support us.

-Our alumni game is coming up in just two short weeks! Our alumni will join us for a special ceremony just for them, including a social hour for them to catch up with all our current members. They’ll also join us for the home football game Saturday and play in the stands with us, and play a couple standard pep band tunes as they reconnect with their sections.

-Finally, those who are able are invited to stick around for our Second and Third Degrees, as we officially welcome our new members into our chapter.

Submitted by Kelly Skunes, Theta Mu

Theta Xi - Iowa State University

Zeta Delta - University of Kansas

Zeta Nu - University of Northern Iowa

Zeta Omega - University of Missouri

We in the Zeta Omega chapter along with our brothers in Kappa Kappa Psi own Big MO, which is the largest moving bass drum in the world. We invite the alumni of our chapters to have the honor of hitting the drum every time a touchdown is made by our team. Below, is a picture of our sister, Sarah Hatfield, with the drum.

Submitted by Kayla Null, Zeta Omega

About the #4gr8rchapters Program!

This program is designed for betterment of each and every chapter in the Midwest District! Each month, chapters receive an email from the District Council with that month's focus. This program is going to help the MWD Council to give chapters valuable information each month on different topics, as well as showcasing our chapters accomplishments across the district! Please feel free to email myself or any of the District Council members for more information! (mwdvpm@tbsigma.org)


Samantha Brown

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