Ohhhhh Shoooot Election Time!

Here we go again...


The democrats are the political party and currently our president is a democrat and battling the republican Mitt Romney to stay in office! The current president is Barack Obama.
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The two famous mascots!!

The two symbols for the republican and democratic parties are the Donkey and the Elephant!
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So far in the election the votes are coming in close right now the republican party is currently winning.

Obviously the candidates are from the U.S. or they wouldn't be running!!

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and Mitt Romney was born in Detroit, Michigan.

Issues being delt with in the U.S.!

Well Obama and Romney may be running against each other but they do agree on some things. We have to get our country thriving again!! Basically they want to do the same thing but in different ways. For example Romney wants to make more tax cuts while Obama says we need to tax higher class citizens to cut the deficit or the money or country is spending and using.

The voting going as of now are 49% to 47% it is so close!

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Looks like we got to see what happens!!!