By Kole Rutland

Cinder Cone

cinder cone volcanoes are shaped like a cone thats why there called a cinder cone volcanoe its lava color is red and yellow.A sheld volcanoe is in hawii every thing thats in its way will be gone because it has str

cinder volcanoes dont have strong lava it doesint destroy every thing in its way.It is in Wasingtin d.c thats far from a lot of places so they wont get burned down some people put water where the lava is going to travle so it cools down so it doesint get to the place that it is going to go so it doesint burn down it will be sad if it burn down then they will be homeless.If people want to see it the are going to have to travel alot of houers to get there.It is not close to the white house or it will not be burn down