A Fraction Feast From Fourth Grade

fraction replacement activity

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Welcome to the 4th Grade Fraction Kitchen!

You are going to select a recipe from your personal culture, or heritage. You can search for something you know for sure is a traditional dish by the name, or you can search for recipes from your particular heritage. It's up to you.

*you will need to log on to a desktop computer so you can print your recipe (LB hall printer)
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  • you must select a recipe with a minimum of 8 total ingredients
  • you must select a recipe with at least 4 fractions in the original ingredient list

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Serving Sizes

After you've decided on a recipe, you need to compute how to make it for a bigger group of people. Decide which classroom you'll be cooking for, use the class totals sheet provided by your teacher.
Recipe Conversion

Recipe Conversion- part 1

Now you will use your printed recipe, and the class you selected, and determine how many times you'll need to make the recipe to have enough food for everyone. Include their teacher, too.

Explain your calculations on notebook paper, use numbers, labels, pictures, words, or a combination.

Recipe Conversion- part 2

After converting your recipe to provide enough food for the class, you need to convert EACH ingredient based on how many total servings you need.

This will require you to RE-WRITE your recipe ingredient list AND cooking times.

Consider: if you are making three times as much as the original recipe, will you need to cook it three times as long? Why, or why not?
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Final Product

  • Type your final recipe with the new amounts of each ingredient into one of the shared Google recipe document.
  • Search for a picture of your completed dish.
  • Insert the picture on your recipe document.
  • Share your finished product with your teacher.

*Pay close attention to the spelling, punctuation, and abbreviation in your final recipe. A small mistake becomes bigger when you're dealing with food!