Making You Think Monday

The Inquiry Based/Project Based Edition

What is Inquiry Based?

starts by posing questions, problems or scenarios—rather than simply presenting established facts or portraying a smooth path to knowledge. The process is often assisted by a facilitator.

Inquiry based or project based learning is a great way to up the rigor or academically challenging environment in your classroom.

Below I've provided three websites to help you with inquiry based learning ideas.

Front Row is free for teachers. It's a website that provides inquiry based lessons for reading and math for all grade levels. You sign up with a teacher account and then add your students. You can either enter them in one by one or upload your roster.

Next, you can assign tasks to your students, assign math practice, ELA articles, or even standard based aligned inquiry lessons such as Creating a Lemonade Stand.

I tried the math practice myself and it even reads the questions to the students.

There is also an app for ios devices.

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Project Based Learning

When I first starting doing PBL, I used Tony's website heavily. He even has a section that that helps you come up with question ideas for your grade level's standards.

I use to use his "What Makes A Good Vice President?" video as a hook for my classroom PBL projects.

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The Buck Institute (BIE) provides many resources to use with project based or inquiry based learning. They have already created rubrics, questions aligned to your standards (driving questions), and project planners.

Their rubrics saved me a lot of time when doing PBL and it's ALL FREE!

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