Internet Piracy

How common and acceptable is internet piracy


Online piracy is illegal copying of copyrighted materials from the internet/ or distribute software, which is an infringement of the digital Copyright act. The term is widely used over the world, both by opponents and proponents of online piracy.

$12.5 in economic losses each year due to piracy in the music industry. Almost everyone has at least once downloaded music off the internet illegally; statistically 95% of music downloaded off internet is illegal which is a massive figure, music industry has lost plenty of revenue from CDs and etc…, music theft is real and ongoing challenge. Music is purchased illegally and in resulting drop in revenues is staggering.

Online piracy is a serious problem that online community facing, it has effected them in a lot different ways. Online piracy is one the most illegally stream used in throughout the world. There are three main types of online piracy, movie piracy, movie piracy and software piracy. By contrast, over hundreds of millions of people partake in online piracy. The effects of online piracy are not well established, with each side presenting different reports that establish radically different ideas. The growth of online piracy has increased and led to many new innovations in the way it is used

The main reason why online piracy occurs are people can’t afford to pay for things they want, for example as student, we need to use Microsoft to do most of our works, and it cost a lot of money to install it in our laptops so I think in my opinion they should legalise these types of things for students. Music is another big thing that is pirated. Some people don’t even notice it is actually pirated. Statically 70% of online users find nothing wrong in online piracy, and as I also mentioned above in figures 95% of music downloaded off internet is illegal.

Online piracy is definitely huge problem on the internet. Whether it is one post a video on YouTube with a copyrighted song or downloads any movie from website, people continue to infringe on the copyright holders. Is copyrighted infringement all necessarily bad? The US government seems to believe that copyright infringement should be stopped at all cost, even, for example, by using fault to cause more harm than good.

What are the interests of the various parties?

The music and film industry revenue as much of income as possible. For the ordinary citizen Internet piracy is a way of saving expenditure. Almost everyone will have to make because it agrees with these laws. In 2010, the individual who never download files become a rarity. Granted, not everyone picks daily complete discographies of the web, but also the people who are not conscious music, movies or games copy will often break the rules than they have by. So it is technically illegal to decorate your work with googled pictures or a YouTube movie of which you are not the owner to embed on your Facebook page. Fortunately, the rules in the Netherlands so far has been smooth and even smoother maintained, but behind the scenes working hard to change that.

How affected the daily lives of Internet piracy Dutch?

Many Dutch have nothing to do with it. They understand that this is on the political agenda but rather that their interests are discussed. Many Dutch are discussing this issue also pure nonsense, which is further explained below.

Political problem?

This is also a political problem because of the bills proposed in the second room. A very important question is whether Internet piracy directly damages According to many authors are correct pirates because they require a lot of money for something that hardly costs. Politicians tried to find a balance in the interests of authors and the accessibility of art and knowledge. We also discuss SOPA, a bill that is to combat the spread of copyrighted content.

Online Piracy can be good

Everyone is familiar with piracy in some shape or form. We’re constantly bombarded with anti-piracy warnings in front of movies and on the backs of albums. They say “you wouldn’t download a pizza,” but in reality if you could you would.

In fact, piracy can be a good thing.

The interesting positions on the topic come from two surprising places: Vince Gilligan, the creator of “Breaking Bad,” and Jeff Bewkes, chairman and CEO of Time Warner.

In an interview with BBC’s Newsbeat, Gilligan said online piracy “led to a lot of people watching the series who otherwise would not have.” While he also acknowledged the negative effects of piracy, Gilligan has a better understanding than the average studio executive who only cares about money and rails completely against piracy.

While Gilligan’s opinion is surprising, Bewkes’ opinion is a real shocker. In response to the HBO series “Game of Thrones” being one of the most pirated television series, he said “that’s better than an Emmy.”

Perhaps even more fascinating is piracy in the book industry. As surprising as it sounds, it’s a thing. At the end of the day, writers and audiences don’t care about book piracy. That’s what makes it interesting. Overall, it adds to sales more than it takes away from it.

For example, Neil Gaiman released a copy of his novel “American Gods” for free on his website around the time when it was selling well and more people bought it. The free sample makes people want more, so they buy the product.


In conclusion, we see overall that internet piracy is not only very common in around the world, but also, there are mixed opinions when it comes to this internet piracy, despite being illegal. People, especially the government and company owners, consider internet piracy to be bad as it not only affects the economy, but also encourages job and money losses in a wide scale. However, internet piracy is also considered to be helpful for others, most usually middle class citizens, as it not only saves money, but also, allows them to live a simpler life with the use of certain helpful applications (e.g. Microsoft word)

Overall believe internet piracy should be legalised to some people that can’t afford for thing they want, like a mentioned above, student can be examples, they need Microsoft to do their work and it cost a lot of money which majority of then can’t afford it. And it also becoming more common and acceptable as the years passes by.