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Awesome Israel

Wedged between Europe, Africa and Asia, and located on the most eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Where the dawn of man created the civilizations that wrote our history.... your history.

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Awesome Israel is an adventure that allows you to explore first-hand and up-close that which makes Israel one of the most dynamic and creative places on earth. You will, of course, travel throughout Israel and see what this compact country has to offer - from Jerusalem's Old City and Western Wall to sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches and everything in between.

What's more, our Creative Israel itineraries enable you to discover and feel the unique energy that has helped turn a fledgling state into a regional superpower, a stretch of sand dunes into Tel Aviv (listed as one of Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities) and a socialist state into an “Start-Up Nation” with one of today’s most resilient economies.

By the end of 10 jam-packed days of fun, adventure, knowledge and creativity we’re confident that the one word you’ll use to sum it all up will most certainly be: “Awesome!”