Internet Safety

By Elena Aguilar

Internet Safety

This article is about internet safety and how to be safe.
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"Grandma Rule"

Everyone knows, well should know the grandma rule. The grandma rule is a good example of what to post and not to post. The Grandma Rule is "Don't post anything on the internet that you wouldn't want your grandma to see."
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"THINK" before you post....

T- is it TRUE?

H- is it HELPFUL?

I- is it ILLEGAL?


K- Is it KIND?

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Think Before you Speak

Internet safety

This video talks about how to be safe on the internet and don't give your personal information to strangers because they could be very dangerous. it also talks about that people may not be who you think they are.
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Personal Info

This other video is about how you shouldn't ever give your personal information out to anyone because they could hunt you down. Just very little information can give away where you go to school or where you live. On the internet you have to be careful about what you say and post.
Internet Safety PSA

Password Safety

To avoid problems don't use the same password for everything you use that needs security and username and password. You should also remember to log out of everything that you sign into at a pubic place on a device that is not yours because people could see all your information and all your passwords that you use. and you should also change your password every six months.
How to Create a Strong Password