Roman law vs Now day law in the U.S

The difference of how we developed in law


We all know the Romans for their famous events such as their colusium, ideas, etc. and we all know we have most of our ideas from them but what people dont get is how we got our justice system. Today we have a nicer and better system of the law but back then it was different. Their was slavery, more death ways and, torture. Their were also very specific laws but they werent written down.


We all know what the law is. It is a specific set of rules to keep a country state etc. under control. Back then in roman times people can tell you a rule and you will never know if it is true or not. Men had the ability to do more things then women. That is if they are roman if they are any other race than roman then they are considered a slave. Slaves had no rights and the ability to do nothing at all. Freedmen were slaves with limited rights and could only do things naturally only a kid would be able to do.


Today we have sentences of how long we are in jail or even death sentence. Although today is much nicer back then the penalties were much more different. You would either get hit with something or get sentenced to death. Now it doesnt seem much different fom todays penalties does it but it is. If you get hit you have a specific amount of times you get hit but it'll be extremely painful. The ways you would get hit is either a whip or something sharp that can cut through flesh. Now the death sentence is something different. Unlike today were their is a electricity chair and an injection back then they were more creative. You could get decappitated, hunged, cut to death and many other ways but their is many.


For the people that live in the U.S it is normal to see someone be sentenced for a limited amount of time in jail or sentenced to life in jail and rarely be sentenced to death. Now if you compare todays laws to back the back then law it is completly different.

U.S Laws

Today most laws are obvious. For example dont do drugs, no murdering, no prostitution, etc. These days you would get a few years or life in prison unlike the roman times. In other places you will possibly still get a beating but in the U.S. You dont unless police has to take force. Everyone of every sex has the same rights except children.

Penalties in the U.S for crimes

The lowest sentence ever sentenced for a crime was 30 days other wise its a higher sentence. It depends on what crime you did for how long will you be aentenced in jail for.

The most simple way to be sentenced to death is by doing something specificaly harming to a child. Their is no other harm its as simple as going to jail or die.