Backing Up Your Windows 7 Computer

5 Easy Steps to Backing Up Your Data

1. Insert the USB memory stick into an available USB port.

Then, you will need to access the Windows Start Menu--Computer. A new window will popup and it will show your Local Disk (C:) drive and your inserted USB external drive.

2. Click on the Local Disk (C:) Drive

Then, click on the Users folder. Next, you will see your username listed. In this picture my username is Jesse Montano. Once you have found your username right click on the folder and choose Copy.
Big image

3. Now click on the Computer Tab

Big image

4. Click on your External Hard Drive

Big image

5. Finally right click anywhere in the white space and select Paste.

This will transfer all of your Favorites, Desktop Items, Pictures, Documents, Music, and Videos to your external hard drive.
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