Southern Colonies

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Lord Baltimore's Proprietary Colony was settled in 1634. The main cash crop was tobacco. The population was about 9,000. Part of the Powhatan Confederacy inhabited Maryland. The Maryland act of toleration of 1649 allowed all Christians religious freedom.


This Corporate colony was founded in 1607 with the first successful English settlement at Jamestown. Like Maryland tobacco was the main cash crop. Mainly Protestant Christian Population of about 18,000


Carolina Had 8 Proprietors founded in 1663. The main cash crops were Rice and Indigo mainly in the South. The North's cash crop was Tar, Pitch, and Turpentine. The population was about 4,000 of mainly protestant christian.


Founded in 1732, This corporate colony was founded original founded as a penal colony. Also a buffer colony to protect from the Spanish. Mainly an agriculture colony with about a population of 2,000 mainly protestant christian.