Presidential Candidates

Position on Climate Change By: Eileen Grossi

The Following Presidential Candidates will be Looked At: Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders

Democratic Candidates

Hillary Clintin believes in the issue of climate change and states, " the reality of climate change is unforgiving no matter what the deniers say."

Strategies as President that will adress climate change

  1. She set a goal to produce 33 percent of the nation's electricity from renewable sources by 2027
  2. Called to install half-a-billion solar panelts by 2020
  • The goal is to generate enough energy from carbon-free cources, within her first ten years of Presidency, to power every house in America

Bernie Sanders believes that climate change is a serious issue that demands action.

Strategies and Actions that address climate change

  1. He introduced the gold standard for climate change legislation with Sen. Barbara Boxer. This Legislation will tax carbon and methane emission and will eliminate the tax breaks on fossil fuel companies
  2. Leading the oppostion to the Keystone XL pipeline
  3. Sanders has secured $3.2 billion in the economic stimulus package for grants to redure greenhouse gas emission, and plans on installing over 9,500 solar engery systems to over 86,000 existing buildings
  4. To improve energy efficiency he plans to increase the utlization of solar, wind, goethermal, and other renewable sources of energy in the US
Press Conference on Global Warming

Republican Candidates