Aultimate Adventures

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We STILL Miss You!

Dear Families,

We are still here! Keep joining us on our adventures. Again, we miss you so much.

Just a quick note from Mr. Rogers:

"You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you need to make choices. And hopefully, your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are."

And one more quote from Mr. Rogers because we could not just settle for one.

"All of us, at some time or other, need help. Whether we're giving or receiving help, each one of us has something valuable to bring to this world. That's one of the things that connects us as neighbors - in our own way, each one

of us is a giver and a receiver.-"

If there is anything we can do for you or your family, please send us an e-mail. We can't wait to see you again.


Mr. and Mrs. Ault

If the students would like to contact us, they may send an e-mail to either: or!

We would love to hear from you!

NOTE TO PARENTS: As some of you know, Mr. Ault is currently working as the mentor at Lincoln Elementary, but he has also worked at Bickel Elementary and Bridge Academy Middle School. I am the reading specialist at Bickel and have been there for quite some time. We have decided to team up in hopes of reaching ALL students in our neighborhood!

Aultimate Adventures YouTube Channel

The link to the YouTube Channel "Aultimate Adventures" is below! Continue to check back for more videos!

Tiny Horses & Old School


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