RES Family Update

October 26, 2020

October 30th is Wear your Halloween Costume to School Day

Unfortunately, our annual in town Halloween Parade will not be held this year. Also, at the present time, we are not accepting outside treats and food items such as birthday cupcakes due to the current circumstances. At this time we need to respectfully decline those offers and must limit people from outside coming in and limiting social interactions. However, I would like to encourage students (in school and virtual) and staff to dress in their Halloween costumes during the day on Friday, October 30th. Costumes must be appropriate for the school setting. Be thoughtful for students coming into the building, students will need to continue wear their protective masks during the day and that they will have their costumes on all day. Please no weapons, blood, etc.

Join in the Spirit Week activities...

Please join in our Spirit Week activities this week:

Monday, October 26

Camo Day

Tuesday, October 27

Twin Day

Wednesday, October 28

Favorite T-shirt Day

Thursday, October 29

Sports Day

Friday, October 30

Wear your Halloween Costume

Costumes must be appropriate for the school setting. Be thoughtful for students coming into the building, students will need to continue wear their protective masks during the day and that they will have their costumes on all day. Please no weapons, blood, etc.


October 30

Wear your Halloween Costume to School Day - even if you are at home.

November 1

Daylight Savings Time ends - move clocks back 1 hour

November 3

Board Meeting - 6:00 PM

Election Day - Vote

November 10

Early Dismissal Day for students

November 11

Veterans Day - thank you to all of our veteran staff members and RES family members

November 12

Grade 3 students in school learning scheduled to begin

November 17

Report Cards Distributed/Mailed

Board Work Session - 6:00 PM

November 18

No School - Conference day

November 19

No School for Pre-k students - Pre-k conference Day

November 25 - 29

Thanksgiving Break

December 1

Board Meeting - 6:00 PM

December 23

Early Dismissal for students

Q2 Interim Reports distributed/mailed

December 24 - January 3

Winter Break - Schools Closed

Positive Case Report...

In these difficult times, it’s easy for misinformation to spread. The goal of CCPS is to ensure communication protocols are thorough and transparent, while protecting employee and student privacy. Please remember that we do have a process for advising those identified as close contacts of a person testing positive. These notifications are followed by an email that tells staff and families of a positive COVID-19 case in our building.

This communication process can be found on the CCPS website page Positive Case Reports. This page also includes a weekly report, by building, of any positive cases reported among staff or students. Feel free to share this page with anyone needing accurate, verified information.

Last Call for Free and Reduced Meal Benefit applications

While meals for all children are currently free, families who normally fill out Free and Reduced Meal Benefit applications should still complete and turn in the application. Meal benefit applications affect school programs such as Title 1, Maryland Meals for Achievement and other initiatives that benefit children.

In addition to free or reduced meals, there are other local and national benefits:

  • Reduced tuition for CCPS Summer School
  • Free or reduced tuition for Caroline County Rec/Parks programs
  • Free registration for AP exams
  • Free registration for two SAT I and SAT Subjects Tests
  • Free registration for two ACT tests
  • Qualification for Guaranteed Access Grant (full tuition at a MD College)
  • Internet for $9.95/month, a computer for $149.99, and free internet training.

Free and Reduced Meal Benefit applications

Planning for 3rd Grade students to return to the building...

Based on current conditions, Caroline County Public Schools is planning to bring third grade students back to school buildings on Thursday, November 12, 2020.

All students, whether in-person or virtual, would follow the current schedule which is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday every week. Wednesday would continue to be an asynchronous day at home.

CCPS needs to know how many students will be returning to the building and how many will require transportation. Please help us by filling out the questionnaire.

Please note:

  • Transportation will be provided. However, because of social distancing, transportation is a challenge. Please consider if you have options other than using CCPS transportation.

  • Face coverings are required for students ages five and up.

  • Protocols for preventing the spread of COVID-19 through cleaning, self-assessment, and social distancing are detailed in the CCPS Recovery Plan.

  • Virtual Learning will continue for students who remain at home.

Please complete a questionnaire for each student in third grade.

Delayed Opening Information...

In the event of a DELAYED OPENING, school will begin on a 1 HOUR and 30 MINUTE Delay. Therefore, busses would run approximately 1 HOUR and 30 MINUTES later for pick up in the morning. Below is the link for the 1 HOUR and 30 MINUTE DELAY opening grade level schedules. There is no class on 1 HOUR and 30 MINUTE DELAY opening days for Pre-kindergarten 3 YEAR OLD Program.

Learning at home tips...

Here are some reminders and tips for learning at home.

  • Organize your materials each day.
  • Choose a well lit place, a spot with some natural light can be helpful.
  • Reduce any distracting noise.
  • Think about your background, think about what’s going to be behind you on video during zoom.
  • Make a plan for breaks that includes getting away from your work area and getting in some movement and fresh air.
  • Reach out to teachers, counselors, or administrators if you need help.
  • Ask questions when you don’t understand.
  • Do your BEST!

Breakfast and Lunch Menu

You can find the weekly school breakfast and lunch menu on the CCPS website.

FAQ Sheet for Pre-k - 2 returning to school

The Back to School page of the CCPS website has been updated with FAQs for the PK-2 return.

Please note:
  • Every effort has been and will continue to be made to distance students to the extent possible while they are on the bus and in school. Some classrooms have rows of desks that are spaced out, and some have tables where students may be separated by a clear barrier.
  • If a person in the school has COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19, he or she will be sent home to isolate. In addition, appropriate staff will perform internal contact tracing which may result in other students also being sent home to isolate. The CCPS COVID-19 Response Plan is available on the website, as is more detailed information in the FAQs section.

Technology Support:

Technology Support for students and parents. Please share with your families.

Phone: 410-479-1464

LEARN ABOUT YOUR GOOGLE TOOLS! Join Lindsay Grow every Tuesday and Thursday @ 8:15 AM and 2:30 PM. Join the ZOOM with Mrs. Grow. Meeting ID: 752-625-1240.