Gold (Au)

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The shiniest element of all

  • Gold has 79 protons, 118 neurons and 47 electrons.
  • Gold boils at 2000 degrees Celsius.
  • Gold freezes at 1062 degrees Celsius.
  • Gold has 7 different isotopes.
  • Gold is usually nonreactive.
  • A few common gold compounds are auric chloride (AuCl3) and chlorauric acid (HAuCl4).
  • Gold is used in bullion and jewelry, glass and electronics. Jewelry consumes around 75% of all gold produced.
  • Gold is usually found in mines.

Common Gold Compounds


Do you like gold??? I know you like gold. Who doesn't like gold? Gold is a shiny element that is commonly found in jewelry. Gold is nonreactive element. Everyone likes jewelry right? Well, most of your jewelry is gold. Gold is alloyed with other elements to create different hues in the gold. You can have rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. There are many kinds of gold!!!