Please Stop Laughing at me......

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Jodee had been go through a lot and the fact that she still had to go to school and see people that bothered her even more, just made her life worse. She always got bullied everywhere she went she got pushed around no even if she changed schools she still got pushed around just when she started to make friends they all just betrayed her. So she never really had any friends she was always lonely but she really never told anybody she tell an adult not even her parents and no teacher ever saw any of the bullying happening "My dad was in New York on business. When mom called him and described the indecent after school, he was outraged, and caught a flight home" even her dad was out of town half of the time but he went home when it was a emergency

Video explanition

The video shows and explains how Jodee did nothing to defend her self and how she always got pushed around and all the pain she went through
Please Stop Laughing at Me…Taylor Crawford

Charactor analysis

The book i read, the main character was Jodee and her parents were She was born in 1964 she went thought a lot in her school year that no child should be in and any situation like that Joy and Tony Blonco those where her parents and they didn't do much to keep jodee happy

Conflict and Resolution

Jodee lived in a Character vs society because where she was at she was unwanted and she always got bullied no matter where she went she was the type of person that would do anything just to have a friend by her side and someone by her side to help her with all her conflicts and problems that she didn't want to talk about the her parents there was only one solution to all the conflicts and that was just to ignore them and move on or tell an adult so she can get help because in her situation anybody should of helped her


"Don't let one dumb comment ruin you day" I think that is the theme because she was not always happy because of what people said all the time

Be happy and live the wild life because you don't always get to live the same experience twice

Textual Evidence

People would leave her rude comments "Next time you won't be so lucky ",A.J. whispers in my ear." She was alway happy that she survived another year "Today i am celebrating the fact the i've survived my junior year." Jodee was always in shock of everything good or bad that was happening to her
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I rate it a five star because this teaches you so many good thing that can happen to you wherever you are and it gives you life lessons
Anti-Bullying Elementary School Video (Dunsford)

video 2

this video explains that bullying can happen in any grade no matter how old you are anybody can go though bullying without realizing it

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