Steps to Recover!

The Basics

The U.S. Constitution establishes two ways to become a citizen: by birth and, for foreign-born people who choose to become citizens, by a legal process called naturalization. There are several steps in becoming a Naturalized Citizen.

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The Naturalization Process

Step 1- Beginning the Process- The aliens that wish to become citizens must first sign a state saying that is what they want. It is called the Declaration of Intention with the USCIS. Then they may file for an application.

Step 2- Interview and Examination- After all the paperwork is done, the alien has an interview with the USCIS. They want to know this person on more of a personal level and if they will be a good asset to the country. They also take an exam proving that the alien must know basic english, writing and speaking and basic facts about history and gov't.

Step 3- Oath of Allegiance- The final step of the naturalization process is attending a ceremony and pledging an oath of allegiance. They swear to be loyal, obey the Constitution and the law and do what needs to be done. If the person has kids under 18, they automatically become citizens too.

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