What Makes Me Tick?

Personality, Emotions, and Social/ Emotional Intelligence

2nd Period Psychology

Written By Jonathon Thornsberry
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My Personality

After looking back at my childhood, I feel like my personality has changed in a big, positive way now that i'm graduating high school in a few months.

As a child, I was always introverted. I would always be shy when it came to talking to people I didn't know. It was also hard on me to talk to some family members that I didn't really see much. I remember growing up just talking to a small group of kids at school. I never stepped out of my confront zone to meet anyone new.

As I got older and moved into middle school and on to high school... My whole personality changed. I learned to not be so introverted anymore. I stepped out of my confront zone and started meeting new people and hanging out with them. It has shaped with who I am today. My personality relates to how my friends personality's are. With me changing the way I talk to people, I'm a lot more down to earth with people, I'm also a lot more happier because I have a bigger group of people to talk to then just having a smaller group like I did in elementary school. Being around more people and socializing with them, it makes me a happier person.

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My Emotions

My emotions are can be all over the place. One day I can be happy and excited, and the next day i'm mad and angry. My emotions run off what is going to happen that day but things can always change. I believe that's why my emotions can be so scattered out sometimes because anything could happen during the day and my emotions react to state of mind. I can start the day out happy but something happen in the afternoon that makes me sad or mad.

I always try to express my good emotions. When i'm in a state (like school) where i'm around a bunch of people, i try and always stay positive. If something is bothering me, I will hold off on it in till a time where it's just me to think about it. I have started to learn to manage my problems on my own (if I have any). Before I would talk to people about the things that would be on my mind. They would always try and help me through them. It has grown on me to manage things on my own. The more i'm able to handle on my own will just make me a stronger person. Also, the more things i'm able to handle on my own, is a lot more things that I will be able to overlook and they won't be problems anymore. The more I help myself out and give my self advice, the more I can help other people out if they was to ever need it.

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My social/ Emotional Intelligence

I believe both nature and nurture has shaped me to determine what my social and emotional intelligence is today. My parents always try's to go out of there way for people. Seeing if everyone is alright, if they need anything, what can they do to help out etc... . It has opened my eyes up on how my problems may not be nothing compared to other peoples problems. My parents are pretty calm for the most part unless something serious is going on, then they sometimes get overwhelmed.

The way I handle my emotions with being calm has helped me to manage things a lot easier then to get upset and cause a bigger mess then what it already was. With me being calm, i'm able to slow everything down and just talk to that person and see what is wrong with them and try to help solve the situation. Just like everyone else, there's a time or two where I can't stay calm through everything. My emotions lose it and I let the best get to me.

Its something that I definitely have to learn to control more. Although i'm calm most of the time, I can loose it. It has a learning impact on me on wanting to change it. I can get really hard headed and not want to do anything.

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The Importance of Understanding Myself, My Emotions, And My Social/Emotion Intelligence

After being in high school for as long as I have, I am getting a better understanding on life and how I am as a person. My personality relates to the personality some of my friends have and I have learned to stay around the people that are similar to me because it can cause problems if i hangout with the ones that are way different then me. I am getting a pretty good idea on how to control my life without any problems occurring.

I am also getting a fully well understanding of how other people may feel, how they handle things different then others and what they do to get over it. Everyone has different emotions and there's several different ways people handle them and there's different ways people don't really have much emotion. They stay the same all the time. Knowing these different things will help me out when I have my own company in the future.

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